Pool Pillow

What Can I Use Instead of a Pool Pillow?

If you have a yoga ball, beach ball, or pool floater on hand, you might use those to assist distribute the water. However, these items will not perform as well as a specifically designed air pillow that is purchased specifically for this purpose. In fact, utilising an exercise ball or other sort of inflating items instead of a pool pillow may end up causing harm to the inflatable item, your covering, or your liners, so it’s better to stick with a proper winter pillow in the winter months.

Pool Pillows

Pool pillows are a very simple design. They’re a type of inflated pillow that’s often made of vinyl. During winterization, you should insert the vinyl plastic air pillow beneath your cover so that it provides space between the cover and waters beneath it. They may be utilised with pools of many shapes and sizes, including round, oval, and rectangular. 

The use of winter pool cushions is really beneficial, even if they are not absolutely necessary. They aid in the protection of your swimming pool from growing ice and the promotion of even distribution of weight, and that is why it is strongly recommended to pool owners. 

In the absence of one, the swimming pool cover rests directly on the water’s surface. It’s possible that your plastic liner and pool wall may be under a lot of stress.  If that happens, your pool may be permanently damaged in some circumstances if you’re not careful.

As long as an air pillow remains correctly positioned in the centre of your pool, the water’s surface will remain slightly elevated. Pressure is applied inward towards the pillow instead out to the lining or across wall because of water freezing and expanding during use. These cushions are termed as “ice equalisers,” since that’s what they’re supposed to do.

Furthermore, if you don’t use an air pillow, snow and ice will build in the middle of the swimming pool, clogging it up even more. If you have a lot of water at one location, it might cause your cover to buckle and tear. It isn’t the sad ending of the story, but it does make opening your pool a messy and more difficult process.

It will be easier to enter your swimming pool in the summertime when you use a pool pillow to assist spread the water uniformly, reducing the amount of pressure on a particular section of your covering.

Final Words:

Above-ground pool air pillows assist keeping the cover buoyant and out of the water by dispersing different weights, such as that of the snow, leaves, and other materials. You must maintain your pool fresh, well-maintained,  to reopen in the springtime by maintaining your cover as your primary defense from winter weather along with other debris.

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