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Top Floats for multiple people: 2, 4,6 and 8 Person Pool Loungers

Summertime is all about spending some quality time nearby a lake or a large swimming pool with the family. If you are used to bringing your loved ones and friends on holidays near water spots, you may love to buy floats for multiple people.

Unlike a single pool float a giant party raft or multi person float can accommodate two to twelve people at a time. We have chosen to review the top floats for multiple people that promise to offer countless hours of fun and excitement in the water. 

Make the most of summer pool sports and activities in the company of your besties, friends and loved ones. Below are the best pool lounger and floats that would add extra fun to your routine swimming pool experience. 

Bestway Hydro Force Tropical Breeze Pool Lounger

In the last few years the float industry has gained an immense amount of popularity for producing some trustworthy and comfortable floats for your pool, ocean and day outs. 

Loungers are not only fun they come in different shapes, sizes and colours. One of them that is so praised for its size, cooler and removable canopy specially designed for six people. Not only that but this Giant pool lounger also features six cup holders. Also it has a re-trackable sun canopy, due to which sun is always on your top. Moreover there are six large pillow backrests to keep you comfy during the water ride. 

Long cut short you can enjoy your summer time on it , Because this shaded raft keeps you cool in more possible ways on extremely sunny days. Bestway Hydro Force is the best 6 person pool lounger offering facilities within the island.


Colours: white, blue

Size: 153″ x 108″  

Weight: 53.7 pounds 

Product description:

Party solution:

 This island is large enough to fit six people with much comfortable pillow brackets, so you can enjoy partying, or just a calm ocean day. 

Cup holders

With these built-in cup holders, you can enjoy the party with your favourite drink on your arm length, more comfortable and fun.

Built-in coolers:

 As already described these built-in coolers can store your ice stash’s and closer to you. So, you can enjoy partying and any time add ice to your drinks.

Made of tear resistance PVC

This giant raft is made of durable and such PVC that is tear-resistant so it can be used in any type of water like lake water, ocean water, pool water, beach water.

Solidly built handles/grab line

With these sturdy handles that make you feel safe. You can tightly hold on to them to avoid accidents that can happen on lake or in the pool. And with a grab line you can tie your float with other floats or boats when needed.

Easy store and transportation

After using just deflate it let it dry and after that, fold and store, it takes a little room in your suitcase.

Detachable canopy: 

With the detachable canopy, it’s your choice to enjoy sunlight by taking off your float’s canopy or sleep in shade by bringing it on again. Moreover, you don’t need to put much effort into taking off its canopy. Just a few buttons and a little pull is required

Dimensions:   length : 108 inches, Height: 153 inches, Width:180 inches

How to use:

 Unpack it and start inflating with an air pump just like you inflate your mattress sometimes. Then tie it with an anchor through a rope (you have to buy them separately i.e rope and anchor) and carry it with yourself in the sea.


  • Detachable canopy (it’s up to you that if you want to enjoy sunlight by taking off the canopy or you need some shade by putting it back)
  • Large in size (its size is a plus point because in it up to eight people can fit)
  • Built-in coolers (you can enjoy fresh and chilled drinks because ice storage coolers already built-in)
  • Grab line (this built-in grab line allows you to  attach your floats to other docks or floats in cases needed)


  • No anchor included (anchor is not included in the package, you have to buy it separately).

Bestway Hydro-Force Chill Splash Lounger Inflatable Raft

Whether a short family trip on sea or celebrating honeymoon on beautiful beaches of Maldives, a raft or float doubles your fun and pleasure. 

This 2 person pool float is all you need on your holidays, it inflates quickly, it is strong and sturdy, comfortable and two adults plus one kid can also fit on this, sounds like a family plan? Yes, it is. 

Also You get drink holders, two drink holders for your drinks, and also two backrests so that you can chill and relax, also safety should be the first concern for designing a float that can avoid accidents on your fun days so it is made up of two air chambers for safety purposes. Also deals with varying sea weather, and striking strong ocean waves.

At a very reasonable price you can get maximum benefits and  enjoy your family trips or couple outing on beaches and oceans, and sea views it is super easy, flexible and comfortable makes you fall in love with it 

Special requirements

Party float

A genuine answer to your party spirit, this splash raft is perfect and super comfortable for two adults. Moreover, it comes with backrests for two people that can relax your spine and make you feel amazed so you can lay back and relax.

Cup holders for both:

 As I have mentioned above there are two cup holders that can make it easy for you to grab your drink and enjoy the view while sitting in your place. To put it short, you don’t need to change your sitting arrangement so that you can grab your drink easily.

Compatible with every water kind: 

Sometimes seawater due to the presence of salts and other minerals causes your floats to tear off or break down but this one is made of such tear-resistance and durable plastic that it will not wear off in any type of water. It is compatible with all kinds of water.

Safety first: 

No matter where you are one thing you should always consider and never compromise on is safety. The company cares about its customers and their well being.  Therefore, this multi person float comes with two air chambers, one on each side that can help it inflate quickly. It will also avoid certain mishaps that can occur while you are floating in the sea.

Repair patch: 

Sometimes due to any reason a hole appears and starts to leak the water inside the float. Considering that in mind , you are provided a repair patch in the package that can be used during any accidental tear off. Or during sudden emergencies.

Putting back

Folding up and putting it back is as easy as using it. After usage just deflate it dry and fold it, put it back in the bag. Also, it requires little room for the storage so you don’t need to carry extra luggage for it.


  • Repair patch (in case of sudden tear-off or maybe mishaps and emergencies)
  • Two air chambers (two air chamber for safety purpose one on each side)
  • Made of tear resistance and durable plastic (can be used in any type of water)


  • Sometimes leak complaints (though we always care about providing best service to the customers but somehow in a few product there can be a leakage issue)

Bestway 1043115 Rapid Rider X4 River, Lake, Pool Tube Float, White/Blue

Beach parties are common and fun events during summers and saying no to sea views or beaches may sound like a crime. So this summer enjoy friends gatherings, double dates, families outing and much more.

Keeping all of your fun activities in mind, Bestway brought to you an exciting floating island. It has the capacity of four people is surely a best purchase for a group of friends who want to enjoy their summers in water or for your holidays. 

This 4 person pool float will be a great gift for your family at a very affordable price, you getting many benefits. Also the hole in the middle is a plus point as it gives you a joy of hanging your legs in water and feeling the pleasure and joy.

However, it is recommended for three people but even a fifth kid can fit into this. This purchase is going to recommend your friends.


Colours: it comes in white and blue colours

Weight: 22.9 pounds



It is made of solidly built coil beam construction which means the open loops of vinyl are present and circularly attached. 

The coil beam construction is very famous and admirable and due to its durability, it can be used in matrices as well.

Air chambers: 

While enjoying a good day in the sea or at a beach one thing you always care about and that is called safety of your closed ones that’s why this 4 person float comes with two air chambers for safety purposes, and for avoiding any mishaps in the sea. 


After a whole day of enjoying and swimming in the sea you just headed towards your rafts/floats and for them you need comfortable cushions. Yes keeping your comfort and need in mind Bestway provides you three backrest cushions.

Open bottoms:

 Many people like to dip their feet in the water while soaking in the sun.This gives them a feeling of fulfilment but not every float or raft can make summer dreams come true. But,The  Bestway 1043115 Rapid Rider comes with a hole in the centre so that you can dip your feet in seawater.

Heavy-duty handles:

This pool float is designed with heavy handles so that you can carry it with yourself in sea easily. After inflating not every raft comes with handles and also the weightage of floats increases on inflation, so such condition handles is an essential need. 


Have you ever heard a float without a pump? Yup seems impossible to me too. Pump is a mandatory accessory for inflation of floats. That the package deal provides you a pump for inflation. There’s a deal in the package and you won’t have to pay for it. 

Can tow it:

 You can easily pull this behind any other raft, float or boats. but you have to keep it at a slow pace to avoid attaching it to high speed boats. Not recommended for such uses.

Storing it: 

While storing it for further use is not much of an issue what you have to do is just deflate it, let it dry, fold it carefully and then put back carefully place it somewhere.


  • Two air chambers for safety purposes and easy inflation .
  • Easy to inflate and easy to carry around.
  • You can easily attach it to other rafts, floats or boats .
  • Suitable for small places 
  • Handles to carry the raft to the sea. After inflation, it’s hard for you to take it to the sea with you.So the handles offer support in moving the raft.


  • While this raft is for four people but the backrest is for only three people .

WOW World of Watersports Stadium Islander and Pool Lounger

How many times do your friends or family have to drop the idea of floating in the sea because you can’t find a giant inflatable raft big enough to fit up to twelve people? Well so many times but now that’s not gonna happen. Wow World of Watersports Stadium is a heavy duty floating island designed for up to 12 people who want to go on a water ride together. What could be more fun than spending time together with every loved one on the same pool float on a hot summer day?

Finding a comfortable, affordable and easy to use large floating raft for more than eight people is very much difficult. All the  large party rafts or floats available in the market are either so expensive or unreliable. But now we have all the answers to all your concerns. This “Wow World Floating island “ is designed for twelve grown-up adults with  mesh seating and backrests. 

Cherry on the top is designed with an open centre like an oasis, which means you can put your feet in water and enjoy the sunlight. And more so a view of the ocean. 

So, Getting a giant party raft at a very reasonable price may seem like a dream. But it isn’t. Now you don’t have to abandon any of your friends because this huge island has a solution to your every problem.  And it gives us pleasure and a sense of confidence to announce that this is the only float available for twelve people. 


  • Diameter is 12 foot
  • Accomodates 12 people at a time
  • 12 Number of seats: 12
  • It is made of heavy-duty PVC which makes it reliable and durable 
  • Gourmet and tying rope included in the package 
  • Anchor bag also included
  • Air pump is not included
  • Weight: it can hold up to 2,640 pounds 

Special benefits


This huge twelve feet beast has twelve seats for twelve people, and every seat is separated from the other seat. There is not any overlapping between seats.

Open centre: 

With a very attractive circular design the centre is open which you can use as a private swimming pool, also due to the centre oasis you can enter and exit very easily.

Large grommet and anchor: 

For getting back to shore you need an anchor, like a basic necessity in this full package you will not only get an anchor but a large grommet as well. 

Easy to use: 

Just unpack the island inflate it with the pump (you can get at any local store, or you can use matrix pump as well), tie it with the rope (included in the package) and tie that rope with the anchor bag (also included)

Not too bulky

While most of the time people complain about the weight of the floats after inflating this one is lighter in weight not much heavy. This multiple person floating raft is neither too light in weight nor too heavy. 


 Just because it has a large capacity of holding up to twelve people the leg space is equal for all the people sitting around.  You can easily dangle your feet in the water.

Tie rope

 In the package a tie rope comes along with the anchor bag. You can easily tie your island with the anchor bag for safe return to the shore. (so it is something extra you get at such a low price).


  • Tying rope included (so that you can tie your island with the anchor)
  • Maximum capacity (hold up to 12 people)
  • Centre oasis (for enjoying and dangling your feet in water)
  • Anchor bag included (so that you can safely return to the shore) 
  • Easy entry and exit (due to centre oasis, you can enter and exit very easily)
  • Affordable (maximum accessories and benefits in such price)


  • Air pump not included (you have to buy is separately not included in the package)


Q1: air pump is included in the package?

Ans: No air pump is not included, you have to buy it separately.

Q2: Do we have to pay extra for an anchor bag and rope?

Ans: anchor bag and rope are included in the package so you don’t have to pay extra for that.

Q3: do we have built-in cup holders?

Ans: no, unfortunately, there ain’t any cup holders on this island for twelve peoples. 

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