Remote Controle food pool float

Remote Control Food and Snack Floats

While planning different vacations in summers we often purchase new things, from balls to inflatable pools, summer toys balloons so much more. And while enjoying that hot sunny day with your family one thing that you always need and would never miss is food and drink floats, yes you need them on a pool day for holding your delicious breakfast and chilled drinks. 

Floating capacity transparent

FEEBRIA Inflatable Floating Drink Holder with Large Capacity & Transparent Material

FEEBRIA Inflatable Floating Drink Holder with Large Capacity & Transparent Material

Drink Float for Pool Party Beach


Special Features 


This one is made of strong quality and eco-friendly plastics called PVC. This one is durable, and you can use it so many times. Also, the material it is made up of is very safe non-toxic and does not cause any kind of smells. The shape it has is very attractive and can be so much loved by your kids.

Strong design

As I have described, it is sturdy and eco friendly. The cup holder is very thick, more than 0.6mm, three times stronger than others in the market. The drink holder is two inches deep which means that all the bottles and cup holders easily fit here. They can stay afloat for a way longer time and keep you uplifted and easy going. 

Using it is very easy.

It is lighter in weight, not much bulky and complex. Also, you may carry it to any party day or night. Just fill it with the air in the holders and there you go easy peasy. Also, the valve is very fast compared to other inflated and deflated valves. It will always inflate a little bit quicker than others. Will save your energy and time. 

Widely used. 

These cup holders will keep a good balance and will not tip over. Can be a good choice for swimming, bathing, beach parties and other stuff. not just this but it is also used for various other things such as bath toys, pool parties’ children play etc. 


In many cases, if you happen to have any kind of problem with your product or are unsatisfied with the product you may return it and will get a refund.


  • Easy to use.
  • Takes no time in inflation.
  • Comes with a warranty. 


  • Material loses its strength with time.

Remote control snack and cold drink float

Boxgear Floating Bar for Pool

Boxgear Floating Bar for Pool

5 Cup Holder Float for Kids and Adults


Special Features 


It is made up of two-layer pads and has thick sidewalls that will keep your beverages cool. 

The lid

It has a zippered lid which will allow a capacity of more than thirty packs that remains cool and keeps your beverages cold and whenever you are using it may be lakes, beaches, and pools.


The cherry on the top of this float has a unique feature of speakers which means you can enjoy the music while using it and can have fun anytime you want. Also, it is functional that you can use it at any party day or night. 


It is made up of unique and easy to carry design, you can take it anywhere with you and fits easily in small luggage. 


  • It has a sound system.
  • The design is unique and fun.
  • Its composition is very strong and environmentally friendly.


  • The lid may come off very easily. 

Special Features


It is made up of cool and environment-friendly thick and soft material that is non-phthalates. Much suitable for these kinds of products also it is environmentally friendly. It is raft grade and durable. The material it is made up of such as raft grade it ensures that it has no phthalates which means it ensures that the cup holders should be long lasting and durable. Also, it offers very funny and whimsical designs that are perfect for everybody.

All coloured design 

The way it is designed makes you look like your food is floating on the water, free breeze and carried in a way that ensures a rainbow of colours containing a small rainbow icon. It keeps you hydrated and keeps you very cool on the hot summer days. It is perfect for several things like the beach, river, and lake.

Easily inflated. 

All the rainbow swimming pool floats are easily inflated and deflated. They do not require extra efforts. Also, very efficient in storing and cooling. You can inflate it with various easy to find things for supposing the hairdryer is the electric pump. The bar used for floating is easily foldable and can fit in your bag easily. You can quickly inflate or deflate it with yourself just simply fold it with your hand and put it in the bag as per the convenience. 

The applications 

With this snack, the pool inflates and you can keep your beverages of any size juices, cans and soda glasses. Also, any container of any size small to large whatever you like. It will ensure to keep them all very secure and floating. Also, at the centre, you will find some space for holding plates and trays or sometimes ice. 


  • It has wide applications. 
  • Can be inflated with so many other things like a hairdryer.
  • Easily stored.


  • The phthalates may cause problems sometimes.


Q1: How much glass holding thickness is considered good for snack floats? 

Ans: normally the floats come with a thickness of 0.2mm, which is fine but some also come with 0.6 mm of thickness. So, it just depends on the product and brand.

Q2: What should one use for inflating these floats?

Ans: there are many ways to inflate these floats, you can inflate them with mouth or with a hairdryer etc. many times inflating them with mouth works well. 

Q3: Do they cause any kind of harm or smell?

Ans: No all these floats are made of such materials that they do not cause any kind of smell or harm. Although you should avoid them from fire as it may cause them to burn and release a non-avoidable smell.

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