Pregnancy pool rafts

Pregnancy pool rafts: These creative pool floats with hole are for pregnant ladies

Pregnancy is an incredibly crucial as well as difficult time in the life of a mother-to-be. Every woman dreams of becoming a mother of cute and cuddly babies after getting married.  The internal system gets disrupted during pregnancy because there’s an extensive change in the hormonal level in the body, leading to sweating, perspiration and mood swings. 

Pregnant women must maintain their body temperature, if it goes above 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a great risk of irregular blood circulation to the heart. It may eventually cause excessive dehydration and physical discomfort in the form of nausea, tiredness and exhaustion. The extreme heat of summer months can be very unbearable for pregnant women but it can be avoided. 

To prevent hicks and contractions, pregnant women should spend more time in the water of lakes, oceans and swimming pools. Intake of enough water can also help reduce sweating. 

Due to body changes during pregnancy many women can’t swim easily even when there’s a pool in the backyard. Therefore, now the manufacturers have designed pregnancy-friendly pregnancy pool rafts that come with a hole inside their structure. The hole is known as a pregnancy bump hole, located at the right position where women rest with their belly down over the float or raft.  These innovative designs help these women to forget about the pain, agony and aches related to pregnancy itself and embark on a break to refresh their minds in the water.

1- HOLO The Original Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow, Pregnancy Bed + Maternity Raft Float

It is one of the high-rated amazon pool rafts for mothers with very positive reviews and high ratings. The features are as follow: 



The item dimensions are 12.2 x 9.3 x 2.1 inches, which is pretty standard. It weighs about 2.8 pounds. There are 2 to 3 colors available of the pool raft. 


The main feature of the pool raft is the middle hole for the baby bump. The rim is designed in such a way to provide support and relaxation to the pregnant women. It is lined with refined material to avoid any kind of irritations. 


As previously mentioned, the raft only weighs about 2.8 pounds and it is inflatable. The pair of these qualities make it very friendly for traveling; easily packable in your car or van. It occupies very little space and is light weighted to carry here and there. 


The pool raft is comfortable to use both on water or land. It provides the same function for both of the surfaces. But for pregnant women, only the water surface is recommended because it will offer buoyancy to balance up the body weight on water. Logically it’d be hard for a woman to lay down on a flat surface with this float because the body balance will make it uncomfortable.. As it will be hard and firm for the bump, still can be used as a pillow. 


Very comfortable to lie on. 

The material is durable. 

Usable both in summer as a pool raft and in winter as a relaxing pillow. 

Portable and very light weighted. 


It is just a little pricey.

2- JlIIO – The Inflatable Full Body Maternity Pillow with a Hole for Baby Bumps to Lie on Your Tummy During Pregnancy



The dimensions are 11 x 10 x 2.5 inches of the pool raft. It comes in vibrant pink and sky blue color. The weight is 3 pounds.  

Suitable for physical exercises: 

The pool raft is very comfortable if you want to do physical exercises like yoga, meditation, or massage. The material is very firm for doing these activities. 

Relaxing pool raft: 

For pregnant women, relaxation is the only luxury in the world. This product delivers this luxury at the best. It makes your body strains go away in a few minutes.  


The pool raft only weighs about 3 pounds, which is very easy to carry from one place to another . Additionally, it can be packed up for a trip to a cool and beautiful beach. 

Comfortable for sleeping; 

The pool raft provides the perfect bed set for the mothers, so they can lie down on it without having to feel any pressure and burden of their own body weight. The manufacturers suggest that you can take a nap or a two using this product in the water to forget about the woes of painful contractions before the labor date. 


Very relaxing pool raft. 

Made up of durable material. 

Excellent for physical workout. 

Great for sleeping 

Very transport-friendly 


It can deflate after continuous use for two or more hours.

3- Pregnancy Bed with Hole, Stomach Sleeping Pregnancy Pillow, Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow



The pregnancy pool bed has the dimensions of 26.2 x 26.2 x 9.6 cm. It weighs about 2 pounds. The color is magenta pink. 


It is made up of vinyl material, which  is very non-stretchable making it durable  

Good for physical therapies: 

This pregnancy pool raft is very accessible for physical therapies like yoga, meditation, chiropractic, massage, etc. It provides great balance and support to the mother. 

Health benefits: 

The raft delivers a lot of health benefits to the mother and the growing infant. Relieves both mental and physical stress, keeping the baby in the right position. The mother can benefit from this pregnancy raft tremendously because it helps regulate the blood temperature. 


The pool raft weighs only about 2 pounds. It makes it very easy to move and carry from location to location 


Very comfortable to use 

Durable and versatile 


Tear-resistance pool raft material. 

A stylish design 


No added pillow with the pool raft.

All these pregnancy pool rafts are currently available on amazon. All of them have great reviews. These are not only used by sedentary pregnant women but also all  professionals also have an excellent opinion to offer about them.  For their excellent features, they are highly recommended by physiotherapists and gynecologists. 

Each one of the rafts is inflatable. You can easily inflate it with a battery-oriented air compressor. You can buy one from amazon or your near local sports shop.  

Buying guide

A large number of pregnant pool raft options are available in the market. This buying guide will help you in deciding which one will work the best for you. 

The material: 

The material is very important as it is the foundation for the durability factor. You need to buy the pool raft whose material is firstly high-quality and tear-resistance and secondly, it is a comfortable one  as well for causing no discomfort or irritation to the mother-to-be. 

The design: 

The design matters a lot. Buy that one which is according to your height and weight. Providing full-body stability. As keeping your body balanced in these circumstances, to avoid a nauseous feeling. 

Checking the inflatable air valves: 

Always check the air valves before paying the price. Particularly look for a leaking hole or loose air valve cap. It will save you from further anxiety attacks. 

The Support system: 

Choose the pregnancy pool raft with the ideal hole in the center. The one that will be accurate for your baby bump. So, that the baby does not feel congested. Support is the most important element of this pool raft. 

Asking your doctor: 

Before buying the pool raft, firstly consult with your doctor. The doctor will guide you in the best direction. As he or she knows more about your maternity medically. Consulting with your doctor is the priority. 

Is it beneficial on medical grounds? 

The doctor prescribes various activities to the mama-to-be. These healthy activities not only keep the mother’s body active but also provides bundles of privileges. In summers, doctors advise mamas-to-be to do yoga, swimming, and mediation.  All these activities contribute to keeping the body and brain as relaxed as possible. Mothers can greatly benefit from certain yoga positions as they help keep the baby to position itself correctly within the belly. 

Swimming in summer keeps your body temperature maintained. It is a way of relaxation and feels better to avoid mood swings.Pregnancy pool rafts have made swimming much more easier than it ever was for women, they don’t need to go onboard with an island that may not be comfortable. So, these inflatable pregnancy pool rafts are designed specially to deal with pregnancy aches and pressure. 

You need to learn how to deal with your body during pregnancy. It is vital for the nourishment for your baby’s physical and mental health as well. Happiness and relaxation are the basic elements of a successful pregnancy. Taking a sufficient diet and medication helps you to have a safe pregnancy. With that you can spend time in the water to improvise on your physical and mental health as well.  Don’t coerce your body into swimming if it feels like a cumbersome task, simply lay down on the pregnancy float raft and meditate in the water. 


Pregnancy is a privileged and miraculous  time for every woman. Buying one of these pregnancy pool rafts with a hole is a real treat because it allows them to feel relaxed in the water and keep their body temperature in check.

The traditional rafts don’t come with the added comfort of holes and thick padding, therefore they should be avoided at all costs if you want to swim in pregnancy. Just go for the pregnancy raft that offers buoyancy as well as comfort, and has a hole to tuck the belly bump inconveniently. Never put your or your unborn baby at risk by using traditional rafts and floats as they are not deemed safe for you.

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