Why do pool inflatables and air beds keep deflating?

Why do pool inflatables and air beds keep deflating?

There is no second opinion about the fact that energy from the sun makes our earth function. If it were not for the sunlight and energy acquired from the sun, the earth would be a lifeless ball with a coating of ice. Not only does it warm our seas, but it also generates weather patterns, causes the atmosphere to be inhabitable, and provides energy to plants to sustain themselves. An hour of sunlight in the morning may regulate your sleep cycle and lower your stress levels. Also, exposure to sunlight is a good source of obtaining Vitamin D. If exposed to 15 minutes of sunlight, our bodies produce vitamin D, which is sufficient enough for the day. Apart from this, Vitamin D strengthens your immune system, which eventually results in fewer chances of illness and infections. Lastly, exposure to sunlight helps you fight off depression. This is because whenever the human body is exposed to natural light, it boosts the serotonin level of one’s body, which eventually lets you fight off depression.

But unlike humans, not everything/ element on this planet has a healthy relationship with the sun. In fact, for inflatable items, it is quite the opposite. The same sunlight which sustains life on this planet can also materially damage the inflatables. Let’s find out how.

Why do pool inflatables keep deflating?

There are a couple of reasons, due to which your pool inflatable may deflate continuously. 

The primary cause of continuous deflation of your pool inflatable is over inflation. Once you over inflate your float, the amount of air in your float will shrink and expand contingent on a variety of factors, in which weather tops the list. The sun and heat ultimately increases the amount of air in your pool float. This is why whenever you inflate your pool, try not to get rid of the wrinkles. Fill up your inflatable pool to the point where it is nice and firm, but make sure it is not hard. 

Another important factor which plays an important role in continuous deflation is cold. Once the weather is cold, the air trapped inside the inflatable pool float also shrinks. For instance, if you leave your inflatable pool float out in the open overnight, you will most probably wake up to a shrunken pool float. But, there is nothing to worry about, and is perfectly normal. All you need to do is to simply pump some air, and you are good to go.

Another reason for the continuous deflation of inflatable pool floats is the fact that they are not kept in dry places. Although most of the inflatable pool floats are durable, given that most of them are made of PVC, still, continuous exposure to elements damages the stuff, which eventually results in leakages. To avoid such a scenario, always make sure that after usage, you deflate it and store it in a nice and dry place. Even if you keep your float inflated overnight, it is not a bad idea. But if you do so, try not to store them directly in the sunlight for lònger intervals of time. This would make them last a little longer. 

Inadequate cleaning of your inflatable pool float may also result in continuous deflation of your pool float. Exposure to salt and chlorine can have devastating outcomes, when it comes to inflatable pool floats. To avoid this, simply rinse your inflatable pool float with fresh water after every time you use it.

Why does my inflatable bed keep deflating?

There are several reasons for air mattresses to deflate. 

The one which tops the list is improper use. People tend to disregard the instructions which are mentioned in the user manual for proper usage. Doing this increases the chance of your inflatable air mattress performing below its optimal level. To avoid this, simply read, understand and implement the steps which are listed in the user manual. Following those steps will not only increase its durability but will also help you maintain the optimum air pressure required for peak performance.

Another factor that comes into play here is temperature. It is a well-known fact that air during the evenings is cooler if compared with that of in the morning. The temperature of the room is more likely to drop once the sunsets. As discussed earlier, cooler temperature causes the air to shrink, which is why your air mattress loses some of its air overnights 

Another reason due to which your air mattress loses air is the pumping predicament. Either you fill up your pump with a manual pump or electric pump, your air mattress will most likely lose some of its air once it is disconnected from the pump. What makes the situation worse is the fact that this cannot be avoided. That being said, the air loss during detachment is not significant.

The final reason for the continuous deflation of your inflatable air mattress is the presence of holes that leak. It is because, no matter how sturdy they look on the outside, most of these beds are made from thin material which is prone to stretching, puncturing, and rupturing. The situation gets worse when the air mattress is continuously put to use throughout the day, which will eventually decrease its life.

How to avoid deflating?

To increase your air mattress’s longevity, follow the following steps.

  • Fold it nicely:
    While this might seem obvious, If careful handling is overlooked, it could lead to the formation of tears and holes, which would eventually decrease its LifeProof. To avoid such a situation, it is highly advised to follow the folding instructions mentioned in the manual.
  • Maintain room temperature:
    For air mattresses to work best, it is mandatory that the temperature of the room is kept at optimum levels. If the temperature is below optimum temperature, there are higher chances of air inside the mattress getting shrink, which will eventually deflate the mattress 


Having said all that, there is nothing much you can do to prevent your mattress from leaking air permanently. Regardless of the manufacturing quality, these beds eventually begin to leak air. All you can do is to exercise maximum precaution to make it last longer

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