pool floats with water guns

pool floats with water guns: Best Curated Pool squirters for you

1- pool floats with water guns

Swimline UFO

Swimline UFO

Spaceship Squirter

  • Size: 1 Pack
  • Color: Red/Purple/Grey
  • Material: Vinyl

Swimline UFO Spaceship Squirter

Getting something useful and exciting for your kids to play with is not an easy task; you need to be sure about their safety and pleasure, so no worries, this toy water spaceship can take your kids in alien water space. For that, we have brought you SplashNet Xpress UFO 45 Inch Spaceship. Adding an automatic squirt gun gives it a plus point, so you don’t need to worry about them or continuously look after them while playing. Also, the rigid body and strong exterior supports the weight of your kid and stability and gives balance.

Product specifications  

• Colours: it comes in three colors (red, purple, grey) 

• Material: it’s made of vinyl 

• Weight: 2.3 pounds. 


• Not only kids but adults can also use it (basically every age group can enjoy this) 

• It comes with a gun (it’s a plus point that this one comes with guns already attached) • Made of environment-friendly plastic. (durables) 


• Slow inflation (it takes way more time in inflation) 

• Water guns can break off so easily. ( in some items, gun broke off ) 


Q1: Can people belonging to different age groups use it? 

Ans: yes, it’s strong enough to bear various weight types, so various age groups can use it and enjoy it as well. 

Q2: do we need to inflate with mouth? 

Ans: no, you have to use a hand pump for inflation or another source; it has some bigger inflation holes, so you can’t inflate them with your mouth.

Q3: Can I use it for five to six-year-old kids? 

Ans: sorry but this one is recommended for kids more than ten years old kids.

2- water guns for kids  

MeiGuiSha 2 Packs Squirt Gun for Kids with Long Range Shooting Water

MeiGuiSha 2 Packs Squirt Gun

Swimming Pool Outdoor Fighting Party


MeiGuiSha 2 Packs Squirt Gun for Kids with Long Range Shooting Water with High Capacity for Summer Swimming Pool Outdoor Fighting Party 

Summer vacations bring so much excitement for kids, like playing in water beaches, pool parties, and all of that stuff increases a parent’s headache to buy some good and safe toys for them. For that, we have brought to you this water gun for your kids, which is made of high-quality, durable plastic that’s safe odorless, and non-toxic. After manufacturing, this was passed from various tests in laboratories and yet proven strong, reliable, and harmless, which means completely suitable for kids to play with. The water tank has a capacity of 1200 ml of water that is enough for a good time play, and its shooting power is also admirable that goes as far as 30 feet. Sounds exciting? Yes, it is also cheap and reliable, and strong. 

How to use it 

• Unpack the product (take out all the accessories) 

• Fill the water tank (with any basic PVC pipe) 

• Load the pump several times to build pressure and pull the trigger. 


• Large water tank (more room for water) 

• Much shooting powder. 

• Strong outer body (reliable)


• You have to pump the gun every time before shooting. 


Q1:Can I get a refund after purchase? 

Ans Yes, if you are not satisfied you have to call the contact seller but within 12 hours and you will get a refund or sometimes a replacement. 

Q2:How much water does it hold? 

Ans: It has a great capacity of holding water, which is up to 1200 ml of water. Q3: why do we always have to pump it? 

Ans: Yes, the gun requires pumping because it is designed like that.

 3- Pool water squirter 

Abida 4 Packs Water Blaster Set Squirt Toys for Kids & Adults

Abida 4 Packs Water Blaster Set Squirt Toys for Kids & Adults

Best Summer Toys for Swimming Pool/ Beach/ Play Games/ Yard

  • Material: Foam

Abida 4 Packs Water Blaster Set Squirt Toys for Kids & Adults, Super Foam 15.5‘’-25‘’ Water Squirter with Long Range Shooting up to 35FT, Best Summer Toys for Swimming Pool/ Beach/ Play Games/ Yard 

Do you also enjoy attacking your friends with water guns and blasters? Well, it’s surely a hell of a fun, especially in summers enjoying pool parties, festivals like HOLI (Celebrated in India mostly) we all enjoy such pleasures and not only adults but kids also love to play with them. So buying some toys like this seems to be a fun idea, isn’t it? That why we have introduced this four-pack water blaster. This product comes as a set of four pieces at a very reasonable price; surely it’s such an awesome purchase for your kids; it is safe, strong, and environmentally friendly, made of foam and plastic easy to use. Not only for kids but even adults can play with it at pool parties and enjoy. 


• Outer Body made of foam  

• Shooting range is almost 35 feet. 

• You can use it without batteries; it is not dependent on batteries.

Special benefits 

A set of four pieces with different colors. 

playing with these water guns is very safe for your kids and also for the environment. Surely it does not cause any harm to your kid or the surroundings. 

operating these guns is not rocket science, it’s very easy to use, and it does not require any special talents. 

It is lighter in weight, you can carry it whenever you want. 


• Can shoot at a greater distance. 

• Easy to use 

• Portable  


• Sometimes handles can break off

4- Motorized pool float with water guns 

Swimline Battleboards Squirter Set

Swimline Battleboards Squirter Set

Swimming Pool Floating Game, 2 Pack


Swimline Battleboards Squirter Set Swimming Pool Floating Game, 2 Pack 

Who does not likes a day at the pool floating, swimming and playing with water guns and to get that experience you need. A pack of two boards, present in different colors and different compartments. At a very reasonable price, this can also be used by adults for floating; also the guns can be removed from the floats. On the more positive side, you can use them as a couch or chair. It is very comfortable and makes it easy for you to rest your neck and head.


• 2 sets of gun squirter 

• 4 number of water guns 


• Strong reliable (it is quite strong and bears many heavyweights) 

• Can be used as chairs (you can use it outside of the water as a couch or chair)


• Bottle boards can break off in some cases 


Q1: do we need to fill the guns separately? 

Ans: no, you just need to fill the tube; it will automatically fill the guns 

Q2: How far can the guns squirt? 

Ans: these guns can squirt at a greater distance, you will surely enjoy.

5- kiddie squirting pool 

EPN Splash Pad, 67″ Sprinkler Play Mat for Kids

EPN Splash Pad, 67 Sprinkler Play Mat for Kids

Extra Large Outside Party Water Play Mat for 3-12 Years Old Children Boys Girls


EPN Sprinkle Pad for Kids Splash Play Mat for Toddlers Baby, Upgraded 67″ Summer Outdoor Water Toys Wading Pool Outside Water Play Mat for 3-2 Years Old Children Boys Girls 

Every parent wishes that their kids should learn and play all together, but in most cases, these two opposite things can’t go hand in hand. But you don’t need to worry anymore because we have brought to you EPN Sprinkle Pad for Kids Splash Play Mat for Toddlers Baby, which is designed with various geometry shapes, sea animals, and colours. All at a very affordable price. The water sparkles all over the padding pool. 

It is made of durable plastics non-toxic substances that are passed through various test labs to provide you with something reliable.


• Size: it’s made up of 67 diameters. 

• Material selection: PVC 

• Colour: Blue 

How to use 

• You just need to plug it into your garden’s water pipe or hose through a PVC tube. • Adjust the water pressure The high water pressures and lower water pressures can be balanced very thoughtfully. 


• Try to avoid exerting pressure on the inflatable wall. 

• Don’t use it indoor (you can only play with them in open space) 

• Constant Supervision is required (you need to look after your kids or disabled persons) • Always use it on flat grounds, not on something like sand, soft surfaces. • Avoid electric contact (keep it aside don’t use it near electric boards) 

• After using it, let it completely dry and then place it on some dry space. 


• Kids can learn something besides playing. 

• Easy to use. (not much complex and easy) 

• Adults can also use (Comfortable) 


• You can’t use it indoors 

• Must use it on flat grounds (it has some special requirements in order of its placement, which sometimes leaves a negative impact on the product) 


Q1: Can we use high-pressure water to fill it? 

Ans: don’t use high pressured water. It will cause damage to the pad; instead, always use measured water pressure to avoid inconvenience. 

Q2: Can we move the pad after filling water? 

Ans: basically, after filling it, you aren’t supposed to move it from its position because moving it can build pressure on hole splashes, and it results in bursting the pad. 

Q3: do we need a special type of hose or pipe for filling it? 

Ans: you don’t need a special type of pipe. You can use your regular garden PVC or hose.

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