Pool Floats and Other Accessories Manufacturers

Pool Floats and Other Accessories Manufacturers/Brands/Companies in the USA

Summers are near and so is the time to get in the water. But it is not necessary to dive into the clubhouse’s swimming pool. All you need is a home pool float. That is best in many ways. First of all, it helps the children and parents be in the pool for as long as they want. Otherwise professional or recreational pools in specific places have timings. 

Secondly, it is all about cleanliness. Sometimes the commercial pools are not clean and can cause skin conditions. When one uses a pool float in the pool that you inflate yourself, there are fewer chances of being dirty. These pools are mostly disinfected. 

Anyone can make a DIY pool float. However, there are times when you want to buy pool floats and not make it from the scratch. So, in such situations, you need to know the list of best manufacturers and companies in the US. 

Here, in this article, we have mentioned some known and acclaimed places from where you can get the floats as well as other pool accessories. Remember, we have done our thorough research to make this article come as the best solution for you. 

So, please show some love and leave a comment below to let us know which is the best company or brand for pool accessories like floats. 

Companies for Inflatable Pools 

Companies and manufacturers usually innovate ideas around different types of pool products and floats. They make it look best and ensure the quality. Once the quality and the overall look of the product are good, they sell out more than expected. However, in the opposite situation, when there is no quality and the pool item looks bad, it doesn’t sell out much – it is quite an obvious statement. 

Here, in this section, you will get to know about manufacturers, companies, or brands that deal in pool accessories and floats. All these companies are based in the United States. They are reliable and trustworthy. That is the reason why they are added to the list. 

  1. Zodiac Pool Accessories 
  2. FunBoy Pool Floats 
  3. SwimWays 
  4. Swimline 
  5. BigMouth 
  6. Kemp USA

1- Zodiac Pool Accessories

Website Link: https://www.zodiacpoolsystems.com/en/products/

Zodiac is an American pool accessories company which is located in Carlsbad, a city in California. The main aim of this company is to deliver an excellent pool experience that is full of comfort and enjoyment. The company also promises to make sure that the pool owners live in peace of mind with Zodiac pool accessories. 

Zodiac Pool Accessories and Products

You can try them out by buying them as they are pretty reasonable and funky. However, one thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing accessories for the pool from Zodiac is to make sure to check the description on the website. Following are some famous Zodiac pool accessories.

  •  Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher

One of the most in-demand products is Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher. It makes sure that the debris and leaves never touch your body in the pool. The main objective of this product is to capture leaves and other trash before it reaches the pump, filter, or skimmer. 

  • Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit

It scrubs the debris and leaves in the water. After scrubbing, it is easy to remove these wastes by cyclonic leaf catcher. 

  • Zodiac MX Flow Regulator

It controls the excess flow of water through cleaner. If you want longevity and good performance of your pool cleaner, then you should install this regulator. You can use it only in inground pools. 

2- FunBoy Pool Floats

Website Link: https://www.funboy.com/collections/inflatable-pool-floats/products/funboy-golf-cart

FunBoy, another company represents itself as a pool accessory and cleaning manufacturer. It is based in California and functional since 2015. The main aim and objective of this company are to deliver luxurious pool floats, sprinklers, and other pool accessories that are enjoyable and full of comfort.  

FunBoy Accessories and Products

There is a number of items that are sold under this company. Some of the most preferred and liked ones are mentioned below. 

  • Tropical Jungle Tube Float

Tube float is thick and soft with an enticing design pattern. It has a print of leaves that looks amazing while floating. Furthermore, it is 50″ in diameter and has a holder in which you can place your favorite drink. 

  • Golf Cart Float

Golf Cart Float has a place for two people. It is a product that has never been manufactured by any other pool company before FunBoy. We can say that because it has a two cups holder in the front. One of the best features of this float is that it inflates and deflates in a jiffy. 

  • Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger

Clear Rainbow Chaise Lounger is the ultimate floating chair. It is because of the transparent materials that allow you to see the water through it. secondly, it has a massive size and reinforced cup holder too. You can also inflate and deflate within a couple of seconds, without wasting much time.

3- SwimWays

Website Link: https://www.swimways.com/en_us/

SwimWays facilitates customers with comfortable and portable pool accessories. It uses high-end quality materials to make the best products in the industry. The packaging and designing of the items in this company are quite interesting on several notes. This means, the products you buy are easily portable because they all have the tendency to compacts in a carrying bag. 

SwimWays Accessories and Products

Most likely these products will add value to your swimming pool. We can say that based on the type of products it manufactures. Some examples are mentioned below. 

  • Infant Baby Spring Float

It is the float with a fabric that protects sunbeams. Since it is more of a protected item, it is found best for babies who are between 4-10 months of age. When it comes to the seat, it is soft and comfortable. Moreover, the float consists of a dual inflation chamber and safety valves for safety that make it an amazing piece. 

  • Spring Float Sun Seat

Spring Float Sun Seat is best for sitting in the water for hours. It provides relaxation to the body because of the original springs fitted at the pool float chair. Besides that,the float has a headrest, a backrest, and 2 cup holders. Interestingly, the float has a mesh seat that keeps you cool on hot summer days. 

  • Dog Pool Float

The dog pool float is typically designed for your dogs. We are sure you want to keep your pup all cool and away from heat. If so, this float will justify the purpose. Also, you can carry the float easily because it is portable. Packing things remains hassle-free and not daunting or stressful at all. However, you should keep in mind that this float is ideal for small dogs. 

4- Swimline

Website Link: https://swimline.com/

Another US-based company that manufactures pool accessories is Swimline. It deals in a couple of areas – lounge chairs, sports games, pool floats, hydro tools, etc. However, one thing about this company is the authenticity and credibility. Well, it is massive and people endorse buying pool goods from this company. 

Swimline Accessories and Products

As mentioned above, there are many areas of expertise when it comes to manufacturing pool-related items and goods. Here, below we have some examples. 

  • Aqua Window Floating Mattress

As the name suggests, Aqua Window Floating Mattress is a floatable mattress. It has a headrest to make the entire experience more rejuvenating. Customers who buy this mattress can use it in different ways. For example, it can be used in a pool as well as lakes and rivers. The Aqua Pool Mattress is comfortable. That’s the reason why one can make use of it for hours. Besides that, one of the most interesting features is that it consists of 18 pockets. These sockets and pockets help in keeping the mattress cool and the user can utilize it as a cup holder.

  • SunChaser Sling Style Floating Lounge Chair

SunChaser Lounge Chairs has been customers’ favorite for quite some years now. Since this lounge chair is pretty relaxing, one can enjoy and relax in the pool in several ways. Besides that, it has cup holders on both arms of the chair. The chair however is specially built for comfort and relaxation. 

  • Tropical 4 Person Lounger

If you are a people person, you might want to accommodate others in the pool, right? So much so that, up to 3 people can fit in this lounger. The best feature however is the combined mesh seats and cup holders. You can sip coffee or any refreshing drink and do all the talk in the world you want. Another feature that makes this product special is the utilization of space. You can cater up to 3 others without any issue, in this lounger. 

5- BigMouth

Website Link: https://bigmouthinc.com/

BigMouth incorporation is based in Omaha, NE. It manufactures and innovates designs for lifestyle items including pool accessories. There are a number of pool floats for different age groups. Pool floats are for the age group 4 to 8 years old as well as babies from 0 to 3 years of age too. Little pools and river tubes fall in another category. 

 BigMouth Accessories and Products

If you want to have an idea about the kind of products BigMouth produces, check the examples below. They are all related to pool floats though.   

  • Kiddo Float Angel Heart Pool Float

In case you want to keep kids away from heat and cooler on hot summer days, providing them with Kiddo Float Angel Heart Pool Float would be a good idea. Reason being, this float is perfectly built for 4-8 years kids. Also, it is equipped with fixed handles that make it easier to inflate and deflate. 

  • Giant Dream Catcher Pool Float

Another example of a pool float is Giant Dream Catcher Pool Float. It is a 4 feet long pool float that is filled with sparkles. You can easily wipe it down and inflate and deflate. Furthermore, it’s the best choice for pool-themed parties, etc.  

  • Waffle Pool Float

Do you want to ride on a sea horse in a pool? If yes, Waffle Pool Float can make your dream come true. Special features of this pool float include height (5 feet long), vibrancy in appearance, and attractive painting on it.

6- Kemp USA

Website Link: https://kempusa.com/

Last for the list, Kemp USA is the pool manufacturing company. Just like other companies mentioned in this article, this too has a wide array of products like pool floats, yoga mattresses, and many more lifeguard products. However, Kemp USA is classically known for the best pool accessories and floats manufacturer.

Kemp USA Accessories and Products

Below are some examples of pool floats that give an idea of the kind of accessories Kemp USA contains. 

  • Kemp USA Deluxe Pool Float

The product is designed for maximum fun in the swimming pool. It uses cell foam technology that provides comfort to the body while being in the pool. The mat however provides resistance to chlorine and salt resulting in better ways of enjoying the pool. Also, unwinding as well as winding up of this pool float is quite easy. You don’t have to worry about inflating and deflating the pool float though. 

  • Kemp USA Pool Noodle

This is a unique product. Reason being, it is a soft foam noddle for pools that supports body weight of up to 110 kilograms. You can float on it easily without the fear of drowning. Majorly because of the fact that it is a non-slip and high grip product that prefers the comfortability of the user. Also, the material used in this pool noodle is such that doesn’t leave a negative impact due to excessive exposure to the sun. 

  • Kemp USA Pool Saddle

If in case you love the idea of floating in the pool and enjoying every bit of it, then this product will not disregard the feeling. It is because this is the best choice for those who want to use this product in the pool as well as lakes. Furthermore, it has cup holders which keep your arm free for paddling. Last but not least, this saddle is resistant to chlorine and UV rays

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