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Little Tikes inflatable slides Offer Fun for Countless Hours

Little Tikes Inflatable slides are famous for being a fantastic pool accessory that can be used for various water sports, games, and activities. These slides are suitable for toddlers as well as children. Their design may encompass climbing, a vast splashing pool area and a fun slide to play on. 

One of the best features about Little Tikes Inflatable slides is they are also foldable easily for storage and transportation. Since these slides feature a massive wading pool area, so two or more than two children can play together on the slide. However, some designs are enormous, allowing more kids to have their fun with water activities all at once. 

All in one, Little Tikes Inflatable slides are fun, entertaining and exciting. They are a perfect alternative to amusement park pools closed to the public due to ongoing situations. These slides are a great way to keep the kids and toddlers engaged in their water sports and games within the vicinity of the home.

Just like the slides designed for adults, Little Tikes Inflatable slides can be floated at home using an air pump without any hassle. They come with one too many impressive features to be considered as a summer entertainment package for the kids. 

Since summer is drawing closer, it would be an utmost joy to set up an inflatable slide featuring a climbing wall, slide, and fun pool area to keep the kids happy and cool during hot days. Let’s review some of the best slides ever designed by Little Tikes.

Best Little Tikes inflatable slides:

1- Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide, Multicolor

Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide


  • Material: Vinyl
  • Style: Slam ‘n Curve Slide

This little tike’s slide is an amazon choice product based upon its features and performance. Parents love this slide as it has a lot to offer to keep children busy in their fun summer activities when the heat is scorching hot and unbearable outdoors. 


It weighs about 44 pounds. Its length, width, and height are 168 x 108 x 84 inches. The inner bounce of the inflatable slide is 85.00L x 71.00W x 46.0H inches.  I would say that the product is not too big or too small to set up in the patio or backyard.  


The design of the slide is very compatible. It is structured so that the parent can see all the activities going on the slide. 

 Your kids will love to climb a rock wall to get to the slippery slide with a smooth curve. The ride ends with a jump in the pool, which makes your children feel refreshed. 

Little Tikes Slam curved slide is large enough so your kids can play with classmates and friends easily. It will never get depressed or defeated with their weight or size. However, make sure to not overload  and allow only three children to get on the slide at a time. 

The splashy pool is all fun, if you have a toddler you can put in some vibrant toys along with accessories for him to play with. However, if you intend to allow your toddlers or underage kids to play on it, you must be present near the slide at all times. It is safe for toddlers but not for babies, so if you happen to put them on it, you must stay nearby.

The most exciting fun feature is the water slide that will double the fun of summer water games. Your kids will never feel bored of playing on the slide. 


The slide is made up of very durable vinyl material. The material is anti-tearing and anti-resistant to punctures. 


There is a heavy-duty blower that provides continuous airflow, which keeps the slide cold down even in the hottest months of summer. The temperature regulates itself and you don’t have to put on an electric fan to keep your children feel more comfortable while playing outdoors on the slide. 


The slide is very comfortable to use. 

It is very portable and lightweight. 

Vast splashy pool area

The package comes with a basket ball and a hoop

The price of the inflatable slide is very reasonable. 

The design is unique and exciting.

Anti-pictured material material used for the design

Easy to store

Comes with a great GFCI plug


Take a little longer to get deflated.

2- Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer – Inflatable Jumper Bounce House Plus Heavy-Duty Blower With GFCI

Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer – Inflatable Jumper Bounce House Plus

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer

Heavy Duty Blower With GFCI, Stakes

  • Color: Multi
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Shape: Square

The customers very well review this inflatable slide due to its outstanding features. More customers are raving about it because it is absolutely entertaining and exciting, packed with great features that kids love. 


It weighs about 37 pounds. The dimension of these slides is 144 x 108 x 72 inches. It can bear more than 250 pounds.   

Material used: 

The manufacturer’s material is vinyl of this inflatable slide. This polyester stitches double time to make it resistant to tear and puncturing from any sharp object. There is also mesh material on both sides of the slide. 


The slide is very durable because it is made up of high-quality material, which lets your kids use the slide without fearing that it will damage during the play time. 

Air blower: 

This slide upgraded its functions of the blower. It has a heavy-duty blower for continuous airflow and a GFCI tool that will detect any faults in the slide and protect the kids from any sudden accident. 


It is effortless to float it and set it up in the backyard

It inflates and deflates in just a minute 

The material is very high-quality and durable.

Three side meshes to keep the children safe in

Meshes allow parents to keep an eye on kids as they play

Micro holes and fan to keep the regulate the airflow in the structure 


With the electrical motor, it can cause a high increase in your electricity bill.

3- Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Inflatable Slide Bouncer Multicolor


Packed with two slides, water bounder and spacious island area, this Little Tikes Rocky Mountain river race inflatable slide bounder is a water island itself. The climbing walls are designed meticulously keeping the safety of kids in mind. The slides are perfectly positioned as well and your children will never run out of good time once you set this slide up in the backyard. 


The weight of the slide is 46 pounds. The length, width, and height of the slide are 161 x 169 x 103 inches. The weight limit is 350lbs for the slide. 

Slide design: 

The design of the slide contains two slippery slides with two climbing walls and a water pool. It also has a surprise damp bucket at the center so that when the kid climbs it, the water will fall on him or her, which will be very fun and enjoyable. 


It is made up of high-end plastic material. It is very durable and tear-resistant. 


The slide has a  unique  structure. 

It is very comfy, vibrant and colorful

Comes with an air blower.

It features two slides for more kids

Water bouncer for more fun time 

Designed for 4 children 

Elevated island rest area for kids  

Water pool area

Climbing walls


It is not easy to pack it back after use. So, it is not very portable.

4- Little Tikes Double Fun Slide ‘n Bounce Bouncer

Little Tikes Double Fun Slide’n Bounce

Little Tikes Double Fun Slide



Instead of having slides on the same side, Little Tikes Double fun slide and Bouncer has it on two sides for added fun. Inspired by the playground, this slide is different from many other fun water slides which are available on the market. 


The weight of the slide is about 43 pounds. It has dimensions of 149 x 130 x 92 inches. The maximum combined weight it can bear is 250lbs.  The design is perfectly made for average sized kids and toddlers. 


The inflatable has two slides; one is curved and the other is straight.  The former is for those who are pro at climbing and sliding, the latter works for underage kids who don’t like heighted slides for some reasons.  

There are two entrances for the kids, one is a crawl-up entrance just like the traditional one, and the other one is a main level entrance. Kids can enter the slide from either side without hassle.

Easy usage:
It is very easy to inflate and deflate. You will never have a hard time storing it in your basement or garage. Once deflated it becomes light as a feather. 


Comes with double slides located on different sides.

Flexible yet safe bounder.

One slider is taller than the other with curvy structure 

Second slide is very straight and easy to use. 

Packed with two entrances for comfort 

High quality blower to keep the slide up and running 

Suitable for three kids/children/toddlers to play on

Easy to inflate and deflate 


The upper net inflatable area is not very firm. 

Inflatable slides are a very fun addition to your house yard. They will give an excuse to your kids to stay away from electronic devices such as phones and tablets to indulge more in creative water activities.  These slides are also helpful in making a playground in your garden or backyard. If you have a busy schedule and you cannot bring them to a public amusement park, then what could be the best way to keep them entertained at home other than setting up a splashy water slide? Allow them to have countless fun in summer months with their friends.

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