Is it OK to Leave Floats in Pool

Is It OK to Leave Floats in The Pool?

There is no second opinion about the fact that pool floats are a lot of fun when used on a hot summer’s day.

However, it would take little to no time for them to get useless if they aren’t taken care of properly.

You will agree with me when I say that pool floats are not that cheap and it takes a considerable amount of money when it comes to buy pool floats. However, if you leave them out in the pool overnight, they might turn useless.

Once you leave the pool overnight, the plastic and vinyl in it will break down over the course of time. Thanks to the exposure to sunshine pool chemicals and heat.

Try to make sure that you store your inflatable toys including pool floats in their original packaging.

If it’s not possible for whatever reasons, simply try to place them in plastic containers, boxes and zip up storage bags.

If the toys are of smaller size such as goggles, water guns and snorkels, storage bins and mesh bags will suffice. 

Make sure that you shutdown your pool filtration system. This is important because there are times when pool floats leave debris in the pool. The debris can have adverse effects on the motor and filters.

Aside from this, avoid inflating your pool floats as soon as you take them out of the storage. This is because every single float requires thorough inspection prior to being used inside the pool. This can save you from any potential incident as it helps identify any punctures or tears. However, if you come across any damage, simply try to repair it by using a purpose built patching kit. 

In addition to this, as a precautionary measure, try to keep other pool toys at a distance from your floats. This is because balloons, guns and plastic sticks can cause considerable damage to your pool floats.

By now, you might wonder if a balloon can do this much damage.

Well, it is true, If a balloon that bursts in a close proximity of a pool inflatable, it can cause a considerably large amount of damage.

Aside from this, toys can also blow into your pool. Such explosions can also cause a lot of damage as well.

Aside from this, also make sure that you store your pool floats once you have cleaned them thoroughly.

This is because the chlorine from the pool is damaging and will most likely continue to break down the plastic or vinyl while it is in storage.

This is why it is important to  Rinse them off with a garden hose. Once you are done deflating them, make sure to allow the inflatable to air dry prior to storing it. These are some of the ways through which you can extend the lives of pool floats.

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