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How To Inflate A Pool With An Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a mechanical machine used to convert normal pressure air into compressed form with increased pressure. This device is mainly used on a commercial scale for different purposes. However, at a domestic level, we normally used compact air compressors because they are not heavy-duty machines that require a lot of watts during operation.

On an industrial scale, huge air compressors are incorporated with heavy-duty machines, for packaging foods, beverages, boxes, stuff. And sometimes they are used for inflating tires, floats, pool accessories, pool barges, sofa, mattress and toys in commercial settings.  

Uses of air compressor in a household:  

Air compressors have a very diverse use at the domestic level. The question is how?  If you have a few inflatable toys for your kiddos you might already have an idea. Also if you have a stock of kiddie pool floats, I am sure you might already be using the compressor for inflating them.

So, to pump air in inflatable products. We need an air compressor. At the house, we mainly use a handheld compressor with an electrical battery.  For domestic use, there are tons of air compressors available in electronic shops as well as online, it’s never challenging to find and buy one these days. 

How to inflate a pool with an air compressor:  

To inflate your pool or toys, you first need to learn how to operate an air compressor. The following instructions will help you to use an air compressor. 

Preparing the air compressor  

Before starting to fill the inflatable pool, you first have to set up the air compressor. It is a very important step for the proper working of the device. If you have a heavy-duty compressor, you have to collect a calculated amount of air in it. So, for that, you have to give at least 2 hours to the machine before inflating the pool. 

But if you are going to inflate the pool with a battery-operated air compressor, you need to charge it a night before inflating the pool. It will save your time and make the work easier. 

Procedure of inflating air  

  • The first step is to find the air valve of the pool float. After locating the valve, open it carefully. Do not pull it using all the manual otherwise it will tear causing the air to leak out. 
  • Now attach the air compressor hose to the intel air valve of the pool with correct adjustments. Also, check that the attachment is not getting blocked by any seal or extra material.   
  • Some of the pool floats have plastic valves which prevent air from escaping. So, remove the plastic before inserting the hose. You can put the valve back in place once the air is filled out. 
  • Now turn on the air compressor, the pool will start inflating with compressed air. 
  • Do not over inflate the pool, otherwise, the float can burst. 
  • Just turn off the compressor when the inflatable pool feels together and firmer. And detach the hose from the intel valve.  
  • The most important step is to put the cap back of the air valve. It will lock the air inside the float. Saving it from escaping out. If you do not follow this last step. You have to do the whole procedure again. 

Why is it important to use an air compressor rather than a hand pump or by yourself?  

Why do we use an air compressor rather than a hand pump? This is an often-asked question. As the hand pump is simpler than an air compressor. The answer is to save yourself from any physical discomfort or problematic health state. 

Using Mouth:

The first option is to inflate the pool from our mouth air. The disadvantage of this option is that it will take hours to fill a pool float. And if we blow so much air into the pool it will stress out our lungs and will cause a situation characterized by lack of oxygen which is very dangerous. 

Using hand pump:

The second tool is hand pumps. We can use that to inflate the pool. This technique is very time-consuming and also it will cause cramps and soreness in the arms and shoulders. So, it is also not good for your health. How would you enjoy a party if you get so tired due to the hand pumping of the inflates?  

Using Air compressor:

The third and last option is using air compressor because it is the best option.  It takes very little time to inflate a pool with it and also it does not cause a lack of oxygen or cramps in your body that usually happens when you blow the air in a float using your mouth. The compressor does work on it down, blows the air, you just have to connect it with the pool float and that’s it. Wait for the air to fill up in the body of the float, once it is done, you are good to go and use it.

How does an air compressor work?  

An air compressor mainly comprises 5 parts which include a piston, connecting rod, crankshaft, valve head, and cylinder. It works like an engine which is usually powered by an electricity source.   

The air is drawn in the compressor through the valve head and then the piston moves up to compress the coming air. The discharge opens and the air moves into the tank. When it reaches the desired capacity, the pressure button switches on. And this automatically shuts off the motor. After the whole procedure, the air is compressed and you can use it for filling the tire, toys and pool floats. 

Places where you can use an air compressor:  

Air compressor devices can be used with ease for multiple purposes. Although, it has a huge role in the Commercial industries but it can be used for different household activities as well, such as for filling air in the floats, toys, lounges, and even mattress. If you know how to use the air compressor for filling the air in the bursted tires, you will find this device to be an extraordinary asset to keep in store for those times when your car tires burst out on the edgy roads and you have no way to reach out to mechanic for a quick fix. 

We all have a pool float in our house because it is a common summer time accessory used by adults, kids and elders alike. It provides us with a relaxing experience which we all need on the weekends. Besides, you may have bought floating playlands for your children or kids. Whatever purpose you have a float for, the air compressor will always come handy especially when you are to blow air instantly without putting too much of effort.  

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