How to close a pool for winter

How to Close A Pool for Winter Above Ground and Inground


These pool seasons will come to an end at a certain point, especially if you live in the parts of the United States that experience some really cold winters. So, if you are a pool owner, performing your pool would be difficult. Now for that, you should know how you can winterize these pools right. The real truth would be you should know how you can winterize your pool or do it on your own. 

One thing you should know about this is how you can winterize your pool or how you can do it on your own.

Is It Possible to Close Your Pool on Your Own?

Well, closing your app on your own is not much difficult but it requires some muscles. Many people opt for this option, they think that closing this pool on your own can save their money and this way you can help yourself and can save some bucks.

How would You Close These Pools That are Above Ground for The Winters? 

So, summers are around the corner, and it is a great time to close the pool right. So, if you have a pool heater and you want to take hot pool baths in winter this might not be helpful to you. But if you planning to close that swimming pool in your lounge. This is a direct and easy method for you. For closing the pool you are supposed to follow these basic steps as they have been listed below.

The First Step is Cleaning and Testing The Swimming Pool Water

Do you have this automatic vacuum for pools, if yes then you are supposed to run it for a specific time and you can leave all of these kinds of debris, including the items that can sit at the bottom?

Here you are required to use a tool kit that will help you choose the alkalinity and various pH levels for your swimming pool. For this, you are supposed to use various chemicals that can bring out various pH levels and alkalinities. 

Adding The Chemicals for Winterizing

For this step you are supposed to buy this kit called a winterizing pool kit. This contains all the things you would need for closing your pool in the winters and also many chemicals that would help and prevent the growth of algae in these cold months. This would help you clean your pool in these kinds of seasons.


This way you may run these systems on your pool for say just an hour. And in case your pool is very dirty. You are supposed to wash your filter system in this way.


Before you close your pool you are supposed to cool it. And for this, you can even winterize these shocks. This way you can add these chemicals that might be shock free to you if we have to follow these instructions. Now for this, you are supposed to run these shockings for the pool. After that, you can test these waters the next day to make sure it is well balanced. So, if you indicate any problems you may fix them.

Installing These Winterizing Skimmers

You have to insert these winterizing skimmer plates in your pool using these wall skimmers. And this also has this screws for removing and holding the plates that will help you attach these skimmers to the pool walls.

For this procedure, you don’t have to lower down these water levels in your pool. Right below are these skimmers that you need for putting the winterizing plates. This technique is helpful in such areas where winters are much harsh. So, you have to keep these skimmers at a lower level.

Returning The Plug Fittings

In this method, you are supposed to use these winterizing plugs, these plugs that will return these fittings normally found on the inside of the pool. For this, you can push these plugs inside which means it will be a pool wall.

Removing Lights

You have to remove the lights from your pool. This is one important step for ensuring the lights should not get damaged in the winter.

Adding Chlorine

In case you want to cover the pool, for this, you would add the pool floaters with some kind of grade chlorines.

Inserting Covers and Pillows

Do you have winterizing air pillows? Great now inflate them according to the instructions on the pack. Now you have to fasten them as they are directed, right after that allow them to float right at the centre of your swimming pools. If you have this large pool you may require more than one pillow.

Now you have to position these winter covers on the air pillows. This way you can also shield yourself from these covers and water damages. This way you may allow your chlorine to sit during the winters. If the covers are not a great fit you can remove the ladders.

Adding Safety Covers 

Adding these safety covers would help as you have to ensure no one trips in these seasons. You can use a garden hose in this, also you can add these two inches of the pool water which would help from damaging. These really help you keep your pool safe while not in use.

Cleaning The Pool 

At last, you have to empty the pools and then clean them. You can also remove these plugs from the tank and then pump them off. Give some time to the filters so that they can drain the water completely. Now let it dry and then store it in your spare room. 

How Would You Close The Inground Pool?

The required steps for closing the inground pool would be the same as any kind of pool. But for this kind of pool you are supposed to use types of antifreeze or say plumbing lines in case you have this in-ground pool. And live in the cool weather for cold temperatures.

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