Pool Float Storage Guide: How and where to store pool Inflatables

Pool Float Storage Guide: How and Where to Store & Organize Pool Inflatables

Summer is the most refreshing time of the year with vacations and holiday activities. You can enjoy every moment from going to the beach and surf to throwing pool parties and enjoying yourself with friends. You get plenty of time to sit and relax as they have longer days. However, these long days are about to end. Thus, it is high time to start covering your pool and packing all your pool accessories for next year. There are many different varieties of pool floats. Some are of different sizes while others have different shapes which makes them difficult to pack and store which could burst you up.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing different ways and places to store and organize your pool inflatables for utilizing it for the next pool party.

How to store pool Inflatables

When you’ll be storing your inflatables, you’ll see yourself moving them around a little too much. It is quite a hectic process as you’ll not have a single product to store, they’ll be in a bunch. If you’re using a hand-truck or a trolly then it won’t be that bad but if you’re doing it on your own then it’ll cost you a lot of effort. Try to move it all with a trolly as it will be a nonstarter to carry these inflatables weighing several pounds.

Moreover, if you don’t have any hand-truck lying around, even then make sure not to drag your inflatables. Dragging them can cause serious damage that won’t be fixed through patches too.

Wash them before storage

The second step will be to properly wash and clean these inflatable. If you’re planning to keep these inflatables away for a long time, then washing them is integral. The major enemies of your inflatables are none other than mold and mildew. It can destroy your house, whether it be a slide, obstacle course, or a bounce house. Moreover, dirt and debris can also start caking up within the surface of your float.

It is essential to deep clean your inflatables before taking them to storage. Make sure to read the manual for each inflatable among washing as if you’ll wash them without knowing about the methods, its material could ruin.

Dry them Carefully

Now, the next step is the most important one to consider. Storing soaked inflatables can increase the chances of more mildew and molds. So, if you are looking for prevention and fight against mold then completely drying your inflatables is necessary. Leave your floats, noodles, and other inflatables under direct sun for the entire day. This will allow them to dehydrate and extract every drop of water from it. 

If you want to completely ensure the complete drying then you can go overboard with patting with a cotton towel. A leave blower or a hairdryer can also be used to dry these inflatables.

Patching before storing 

Cleaned and dried your inflatables completely? Why not fix it as well. A dried and cleaned inflatable is ideal for fixing. Take a thorough look at any tears, rips, or damages and fix where needed. You can easily get inflatable repair kits and patches. These kits are quite budget-friendly and simple to use. If you have a bigger float then you must keep a bunch of kits with you in your storage spot. Fixing these damages can increase the durability of your inflatables and now is the right time to mend those damages.

Deflating the air & Gently fold the Inflatables

If you’re aiming to store your inflatables, the way they are, then it’ll be your biggest mistake. The inflated versions take up a hefty space. The best thing about these is they’re quite simple to deflate. One of the easiest ways of deflating these floats or pool seats is using a deflating pump. 

Now if you’re looking for a more easy way of extracting air out, then just use a straw. After getting all the air out of these inflatables, you can easily fold them and stack them in any drawer or container you want.

Pallets Ideal for storing Pool Noodle

Trends are meant to be benefited. We have used one of the trendiest pool elements for this top. You can remodel any spare wooden pallet for making it a pool inflatable storage gadget. All you have to do is simply paint the pallet with your desired color. Now, fix a wall for your pool essentials. There you can pop your pallet up and attach it, which could be an ideal storage space for your pesky pool noodles. 

If you want to elevate your storage and take it to a level up, then hammer some hooks to attach your swimsuit or towels and baskets for your slippers. This entire pallet can be stored in your storage drawer or room very easily.

Rolling up the bouncer properly

Your bouncers must have played an integral role to cheer up your entire summer. Now, it is your time to treat them well by following the proper steps for storage. It is important for storing any inflatable for the long-term that after drying and cleaning, you roll them up tightly. You can find various rolling methods for deflating bounce houses in detail. However, the essence of it will be that you have to ensure that every mist of air is fully extracted from it and correctly roll the entire bouncer

Hang baskets along the pool fence

When you’re considering pool storage options, there will be no easy way other than keeping baskets around your pool fences. It is one of the most economical ways of storage without going out of the way. This way all of your accessories and deflated floats and noodles can be easily stored. Just buy cheap baskets from the dollar store and hang them wherever possible. This can give your mates easy access to storage. After then, you can simply put those baskets in your drawers.

Store your inflatables in a cargo net

Most people don’t care about where to store or what material to use for storing your inflatables. If you have any wall or space nearby your pool then find some hooks meant for outdoor usage and hammer or attach them using ineffective adhesives. Now, buy a cargo net for storage purposes and hang it on each side of the hook. After that, keep those floats in it. This storage net can act as a unique decor to your poolside being colorful. If you have placed the hooks at a sufficient distance from each other, you can easily grab your float whenever you want.

Craft a floating storage box

Now, if you get too tired of collecting every pool accessory after a pool party, you can create a floating storage box. This box can help you gather the accessories and ask your mates in the pool to keep the accessory in it while leaving the pool. This box is quite easy to make, giving you an edge of creativity for your outdoor pool. You can cut the pool noodle and attach several pieces around any shoebox or delivery box. This is one of the most reliable and carefree ways of sweeping and storing pool toys like a piece of cake.

Use High-Quality Storage Bags

When you order inflatables, some of them will come wrapped in plastic, with no type of container to store them while others will arrive at your home with storage bags. Regardless of the name, these storage bags are not ideal for long-term storage. 

To ideally store your inflatables you will need to invest in high-quality storage bags that are both commercial-grade and heavy-duty. These superior quality bags will make sure your inflatables stay away from damage and last much longer. Storing your inflatables properly becomes even more important when you know you won’t be using them anytime soon. 

If you decide to take your inflatables for some fun time in winter, then be sure that it’s at least 40 degrees or more outside. When you bring them back, follow all the steps properly to make sure your inflatables are stored safely till the next time you need them. 


Summer days are a blessing to have and nothing makes them better than a fun day at the pool. All types of inflatables such as floats, inflatables, toys, rafts, and masks make the experience even better. Just make sure you deflate all these inflatables before preparing them to store and have special storage bags for adequate storage.

Keep your inflatables in a dry place away from sunlight and all your small toys in airtight containers. Taking care of your inflatables ensure they stay in good shape and last longer, saving you from investing again in inflatables when the summer season comes.

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