Fruit Pool Floats

Fruit Pool Float: Watermelon, Orange, Lemon Swim Tube Ring & Apple Pool Floats

Index Watermelon

Intex Watermelon, Inflatable Island

Intex Watermelon, Inflatable Island

72″ X 9″

  • Size: 1
  • Color: Red
  • Material: Vinyl


  • The sizes come 1.
  • The colour comes in: Red.
  • The material is made of vinyl.
  • It weighs 7 Pounds.

This float is very big, about six feet tall and very suitable for healthy adults, it does not pop easily. On a hot summer day, this can give you some comfort and my time. You will surely love the colours and the composition very much environment friendly made of super comfortable shape and the staff. Not only this but the size is super cool for a full-grown man. Many times, it happens that you might not get the perfect size for yourself and this leads to further disappointments but not anymore as we have got you this fun shaped super float.

Special Features


It is big and super comfortable for the full-grown man and gives you comfort like no one before. So big the size can fit two grown-up people in it.


While inflating it can be a serious issue as it is not easy, you also require so many weird tools and sometimes even a dryer pump. But now you just need a simple hair dryer for blowing this up. It is easy and super comfortable to inflate in.


It has a plus point in which it comes with a rope, not just a rope but a larger rope so if you wish to take it with yourself in the river this rope makes it easy for you.


  • It has a cute shape, and it is super comfortable.
  • The size is big enough to fit two people.
  • Can be inflated very easily.


  • The warning signs are not visible.

Oasis Inflatable

Sun Searcher Citrus Oasis

Oasis Inflatable

Inflatable Pool Float


Special Features

For The Family

This one fills all the requirements. It is very much suitable for all the family members including kids, adults, and ladies.


It is of a good size, almost 60 inches what you call 5 feet in width, a huge size to fill so many people.


The colour contrast is very much catchy, the shape is super cute and in style. While floating you are surely going to catch a few eyes.


It is made up of high strength materials, having a huge, good length which is surely designed to last many days.


It is very easy to inflate, does not take much time and can be easily inflated and deflated in a little less time.


  • It is made of strong material. The colors are so cool and vibrant.
  • Can fit so many people at once.


  • Inflation can cause problems sometimes.

Orange Index

Intex Orange Slice Inflatable Mat with Realistic Printing

Orange Index

70″ X 33.5″

  • Color: Multicolor

This can be your great companion in summers where you just want to lay little colours or in the water and feel relaxed. This is not some doughnut doughnut-shaped also it has this attractive shape that can chill you to the core. The perfect size is very comfy for you to lay down and feel the sun striking all over your body.

Special Features


The size is big enough to fit one person very comfortably. Also, the shape is very much attractive.


It comes at such an affordable price. Good quality material at cheap prices is all you get here.

Safety Warnings

All the precautions and safety warnings are printed in a nicer way on the float you will not miss it in any case. Not just a sticker that can be easily removed.


  • It is super comfortable.
  • Very much affordable.
  • Strong enough to bear all the jumpings of kids.


All the precautions and warning signs are printed on the front on the coloured, which It happens often side.

Sports Stuff

SportsStuff KIWI

Sports Stuff

Green (54-3008)



it has quite welded and remarkable construction of all the material used like PVC gauge welded constructions and all of that.
The Design and graphics are on point also it shows your favourite kind of foods and yummy desserts all over it.


The lounging gives a non-ending experience that can fill many people accommodate many positions and simultaneously


The valves used are very safe and the frequency is easy to be welded. It does not cause so many troubles; it gives you a fulfilling experience.


It can be deflated for more than 62 inches of its total value. Isn’t it exciting? Well yes, it is the more it gets deflated the more it adds vlittleisalue to the things you wish to do with it.


  • It can be inflated more than 62 times its value.
  • The valves are very safe and easy to use.
  • Most comfortable and lounging experience.


  • Not much guarded as needed.

Swim Line

Swimline New 9044 Premium Swimming Pool Floating Water

Swim Line

Hammock Lounge Chair

  • Size: 46″/26″/6″
  • Color: Blue, white
  • Material: Nylon, Vinyl

Special Features

Comfort First

as they say, while buying something for you, you need to take care of your comfort first. So, in this, we have built it under such a comfortable condition.

The Constructions

It is very much designed to fit for like three to four people most comfortably. It is quite big and has efficiency.

Keeping It Cool

The top is a transparent colour which keeps you cool in various things and weathers. Even in the scorching sun ray’s, it keeps you cool.

The design

It is made up of very good and durable quality material, also the kit is included for emergency wear outs. Inflation deflation is very easy, and you can easily store it anywhere you want.


  • It has a very beautiful and unique shape.
  • The transparent top.
  • Can fit more than three people.


  • The transparent top does not last long.

Ban Do Float Float On Giant Round Inflatable Float for Pool/Beach

Ban Do Float


  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Vinyl

Special Features

The Size

The size it measures is like 60 by 60 inches and even the whole family can use it.

The Durability

This cool orange slice is very much durable and holds a lot of weight very easily because it is made up of heavy-duty vinyl.

The Inflation

While explaining the inflation and deflation part I would say it is very easy to inflate it in a few minutes without wasting much time. Also, when you deflate you can easily carry it with you wherever you go it is hassle-free.


Also, it is easy to put a drink, your favourite book, and your little accessory in it.

Avocado Style

SKOLOO Avocado Pool Floats for Adults, Pool Raft Giant Pool Float Pool Accessories for Adults, Pool Toys for Teens & Large Floats for Pool

Avocado Style

Pool Inflatable Party Supplies

  • Color: Green
  • Material: PVC plastic

Special Features


Well, this super comfortable float is made up of very high duty polyvinyl material that will never cause any kind of harm to the environment. Also it may take up to 330 pounds of weight.


It is made up of almost 63 X 49X 14 inch which means it may take up to two adults easily.


It has an inflatable ball that is almost 18 inches in diameter for playing and having fun in the pool and sea.

The Double Valves

It has two valves; it will allow you to inflate it up to five times more than any other kind of inflatable tools.

Safety Toys

Always in any kind of material, plaything or inflatable toys safety comes first. It is like the first concern so this one has been passed through so many tests. Which means it is very much safe to use.

A Gift

It can be used as a gift for various occasions especially for pool parties, as it has a unique and fun shape it can be used as a great gift.

A Good Choice for Summers

You can play games, enjoy beautiful weather and keep yourself safe and happy. The ball adds much more fun to the games as you can play with it.

Easy Inflation and Deflation

It has a huge double inflation system which is used for inflating and deflating it without causing any kind of harm or effect to the environment.


  • It has huge in size, and it is comfortable.
  • An extra ball for playing.
  • Safety toys for precautions or in case of any emergency.
  • Two times more easily inflation and deflation.


  • does not last much longer.


Q1: Is it necessary to have an extra inflation pump for every inflatable tool?

Ans: no, it is not necessary to have an extra pump you can inflate it with a hairdryer or through the mouth.

Q2: Safety precautions are written on the front side of every float?

Ans: no not every time but yeah most of the times they are written on the front side in any of such cases. such as an emergency.

Q3: Do we get the free ball with every float we purchase?

Ans: Not only in a few cases you will get an inflatable ball, not in every case, like in some cases you will get a patch bag but not in every case you will get a patch bag likewise not in every case you will get a ball only a few cases.

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