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Dogs Floatation Guide: Best Dog Pool Floats and Lounger in 2021

Relaxing in the pool is one of the most enjoyable things you can do on a hot summer day and since summer is just around the corner, why not start planning for it? Naturally, your pets such as dogs would also want to join the fun and cool off the heat and while some dogs are naturally born swimmers, others are not suited for swimming. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t get to enjoy with you, and all you need is a pool float for your dog. 

These pool floats will make sure your dog remains safe and enable it to enjoy a fun day at the pool. Pool floats for dogs once were hard to find, but not anymore as now they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, the choices are so many that you may be lost in deciding which one will be the perfect fit for your dog. However, you don’t need to worry, as we have done the hard work for you by reviewing several dog floats online and picked out the best ones for you. 

Knowing about Dog Floats

Dog floats for your pet dogs work and look like the same ones used by humans. However, dog floats are made with more durable and sturdier equipment. This is done to make sure the float is resistant to your dog’s claws. 

Now there are different types of dog pool floats, depending on the behaviour of your canine friend.

Flat pool floats

As suggested by the name, the design of these pool floats is flat and is meant for those dogs that don’t have any problems being around water. 

Chair pool floats

Then there are chair pool floats, which are made for dogs that don’t enjoy the water all that much. These pool floats have raised barriers to keep your canine friend away from water. 

Do note that there are some dogs that are not comfortable at all when around a pool. There are rare occasions when the dog even might jump out from the float, so be sure to check on your pet’s behaviour before picking a float.  

To help you choose the right float, we have listed some features you should look out for. 

Choosing the Right Floatie for your Dog

Every float has its strong and weak points. There are some aspects you should keep your eye out for if you want to choose the best float for your dog. 


This is one of the key differences that separate human and dog floats. Unlike humans, dogs have claws that can easily rupture common floats since they are not made to be durable. You need to look for pool floats that are made from strong materials such as vinyl, which is a durable material that your dog won’t be able to deflate.  


If your dog is startled easily or has problems getting comfortable with things then you need to aim for floats that prioritize comfort over other attributes. A day on the pool means your dog will be in the float for hours, so pick a design that your dog will be comfortable to play and rest in. 

Right Size

This should be an obvious one, that the size of your dog matters when choosing a float for your canine friend. Some floats are designed especially for smaller dogs while others are made for bigger ones. So be sure to have a look at your dog’s size before choosing a float. 

Additional Safety Features

There are some pool floats that put special emphasis on the safety of your dog. They come with added features to make sure your float stays inflated even under tough conditions. While there are others that give a rope to pull your dog closer in case you need to. So be sure to check what safety features each float offers.

SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float

SwimWays 13700 Spring Float

SwimWays 13700 Spring Float

Paddle Paws Puppy Dog Pool Lounger

  • Size: 1 Pack
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Plastic

If you went to the pet community and you asked which float was their favourite, most of them will tell you about the SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws. This float from SwimWays has good reasons for its reputation. The innovative design of the float makes it sturdy and durable. Moreover, the Swimways float pool is also good at portability, as it can easily be folded in a circle when deflated, and carried around with you. There’s also a patented inner spring included, stabilizing the float when in water. 

The only problem with this pool flat is that it’s meant for small dogs exclusively. It can only withstand dogs weighing up to 70 pounds, which leaves no room for medium or large-sized dogs.  

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge Inflatable Water Float

Intex River Run

Intex River Run

Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float

  • Size: 53″
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: 18-gauge PVC Vinyl

The Intex River Run is a pool float that’s for humans, but it comes with special features that make it a comfortable resting place for your dog in the pool. Although made for human use, this pool float is still durable and comes with two sturdy handles attached to it, helping you navigate the float around the pool without any problems. It also comes with an all-around grab rope and a mesh bottom which will ensure your pet stays cool. 

The problem with the Intex River Run is that since it’s not specifically made for dogs, the material is unknown and so is the extent of its durability. 

Kelsyus Chaise Lounger

Kelsyus Floating

Kelsyus Floating

Pool Lounger Inflatable Chair

  • Size: OS
  • Color: Blue/ Yellow
  • Material: Plastic

For those looking for a pool float on a tight budget, the Kelsyus Chaise Lounger is a perfect choice. This pool float is significantly lower in price compared to its competitors and yet offers exceptional features that ensure your dog feels comfortable and has fun in a safe environment. 

The first thing which will strike the viewers is how unique the pool float looks. Its shape is designed to give comfort to your canine friend and also enabled the pool float to sit up in a unique position. Additionally, it can easily be deflated to be carried around, having amazing portability. You also get patented jet valves and a water-resistant carrying case, ensuring your dog stays dry all the time. 

The Kelsyus Chaise Lounger is a great option for those shopping for a pool float on a budget. It matches features that most top competitors have and is a product of quality that you can get without breaking your bank. Get the Kelsyus Chaise Lounger and stop worrying about getting a quality pool float, at an affordable price tag.

Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge

Intex King Kool

Intex King Kool

Inflatable Lounge

  • Size: 1-pack
  • Color: Multi
  • Material: Inflatable

Now comes an item on our list that is suitable for our large canine friends, the Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge. This lounge is big and sturdy and can withstand your dog’s weight, keeping the pool float above the water even when your pet is moving. 

The Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge uses vinyl as the material of choice for the bottom of the float. This makes the float durable but if even then your dog is able to scratch the surface and puncture the float, you’ll also get a repair patch to get your float fixed in no time. 

The float measures about 63 inches in length, making it perfect for large dogs. Similar to other Intex pool floats, this one is also made for humans so the built material is unknown. However, since the float comes with a vinyl bottom, huge length, and a repair patch, it can easily be used for your dog without any complications.

Owlhouse Safety Dog Pool Float

Owlhouse Safety Dog

Owlhouse Safety Dog

Pet Hammock Float Swimming Ring

  • Color: Green
  • Material: Oxford cloth

When taking your dog around the pool, there is one thing you need to really look out for, and that is the safety of your dog. The Owlhouse guarantees you exceptional safety for your dog through its design. It comes with a nylon fabric lining and an inflatable PVC tube, making sure your dog enjoys a safe and fun day at the pool. 

Large dogs can also use the pool float without any problems. It measures about 53 inches long, which should make ample room for a Golden Retriever or a Labrador. The total supported weight which can be supported by the float is up to 88 lbs. The Owlhouse pool float also comes with two holes to allow water to keep flowing through, keeping your dog cool on even the hottest of summer days. 

Portability is another reason you should go for this pool float, as it’s lightweight and can easily be folded, making for the perfect travelling equipment.

Swimline Sunsoft Mattress Pool Float

Swimline Sunsoft Mattress

Swimline Sunsoft Mattress


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Fabric/Vinyl

The Swimline Sunsoft Mattress comes with a unique inflation technique, featuring a multi-chamber expansion. This helps convenient inflation of the pool, keeping it ready in no time when it’s time to play. The pool float is comfortable and has a lot of space for your dog to play in. It’s also cushioned which adds to the overall comfort of the pool and the size of it makes sure your dog can move freely without the fear of falling off. 

The 72 inches length of the Swimline Sunsoft Mattress can fit up to two medium-sized dogs or several smaller ones. 

Similar to the Intex River Run float pool, this one is also made for humans but comes with all the right characteristics to make it suitable for dogs too. The pool float is not as durable as other pool floats made specifically for dogs, so if it experiences persistent scratches or chews, it may tear or pop.

Lafuncosa Dog Pet Pool Float

Inflatable Dog Pet Pool Float

Inflatable Dog Pet Pool Float

Puppy Swimming Pool Toy Raft

Another pool float on the list that takes safety standards seriously, the Lafuncosa Dog Pet Pool comes with a bunch of features that make it one of the safest pools on this list. It comes with an inflatable PVC tube that can be helpful in case of a tear or pop. Moreover, the pool float also comes with a nylon covering which adds to the durability of the pool float, making it resistant against scratches and bites. The pool float measures about 55 inches long and is claimed to support weights up to 100 lbs. This would make the Lafuncosa Dog Pet Pool Float perfect for large dogs such as the Golden Retriever or the Labrador. You also get two holes on the opposite side of the pool float which keeps your dog cool on hot summer days, while also keeping your pet from getting wet. 

The Lafuncosa Dog Pet Pool Float also features a cute and attractive design. You can spot a dog paw pattern embellished on the side of the pool float. 

DaJun Dog Pool Float



Dog Pool Float raft Safe for Dogs and Pets

  • Size: 1
  • Material: Oxford cloth

This pool float from DaJun is a good all-rounder, ticking all the right boxes for everything you would need in a pool float. The pool float measures about 53 inches in length and 35.4 inches in width, which makes it adequate for most of the dogs out there. The DaJun Dog Pool Float can also support dogs that weigh up to 88 lbs. 

The DaJun Dog Pool Float also leans a bit heavy on the safety features. You get an inflated PVC tube in case of any tears or pops, along with an oxford cloth lining that is both claws and bites resistant. These features will not only make the pool float durable but will also keep your dog safe and sound.  

Similar to many other pools on this list, the DaJun Dog Pool Float comes with two holes on the opposite sides of the pool that keeps the water flowing. This helps to cool down your dog on warm days and also prevents it from getting wet. Yes, there are other pool floats that offer a canopy over your dog for maximum comfort, however, if you are looking to strike a balance between budget and features, then get the DaJun Dog Pool Float. 

Intex Explorer 200 

Intex Explorer

Intex Explorer

Inflatable Boat Series

  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Other

Talking about options that provide a good value for your hard-earned cash, the Intex Explorer 200 is another great pool float perfect for those looking to buy on a tight budget. This pool float is made out of plastic and has a huge amount of space onboard as it measures about 73 inches in length and 37 inches in width. The board can also withstand up to 210 pounds of weight which means both you and your dog can fit on the board at once. 

The Intex Explorer 200 also comes with two air intake valves and an inflatable floor that makes the pool float comfortable to sit in. You also get a rope attached which will allow your dog some more freedom to move around. Similar to other Intex pool floats, you get emergency patches in case your boat gets ruptured. The float is also brightly coloured which makes it perfect for using at night. The Intex Explorer 200 weighs about 4.7 pounds which can be conveniently moved around, favouring portability. 

The only problem that we found with the Intex Explorer 200 is that it’s a little hard to blow up compared to similar pool floats. However, it has a set of great features which makes it a worthy buy. All in all, if you are on a tight budget and want a float that does everything the top competitors do but at an affordable price tag, then the Intex Explorer 200 is a good choice. 

Summing up

Regardless of whether you are going out to the beach, or enjoying a hot summer day in a pool, don’t forget to bring your canine friend to join the fun. 

All these floaters are perfect to let your dog enjoy with you in the pool rather than standing outside. These pool floaters can also help your dog to learn swimming or get more familiar with water. To ensure your pet dog stays safe while in the pool, be sure to add a life jacket to your pooch. Check the four qualities we have listed above and then read each floater’s description well before you pick one. You need to have one that keeps your dog above water even with little movement while making sure your dog has a comfortable and enjoyable day at the beach.

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