Can You Use Pool Float as Bed?

Can You Use Pool Float as Bed?

Camping is a fun way to drift away from this life that we know. Spending a day or two by a lake, in a deep forest covered with lush trees, and on a mountain top witnessing the serenity of nature is more pleasurable than living in a luxury hotel suite.

 Now you may have a certain budget in your mind when it comes to camping. You cannot afford to break your bank just in case you need all the camping gears, accessories, and stuff for your excursion. Most people hardly pack enough food for their trip as they believe that they can even make it without even, in the end, connecting with their roots out there in nature is more important to them, which is under stable? However, you would still be needing basic accessories such as a sleeping pad, cover, a mosquito net (if you wish to sleep outdoors in a hanging hammock for a night).

If you are trying to save a few bucks, you can use your pool float as your sleeping bed as well. However, there might be some downtimes to consider as well, especially if this is the only option you have.

Pool float as a sleeping bed:

Since you just have to inflate your pool float just once, you can turn it into a sleeping bed for a night or two. All of you have to do is cover it up with a warm cloth to make it a bit comfy for you. There’s nothing wrong in saving money and turning the float into a bed just to lounge yourself in it for some restful sleep. However, if you have insomnia, anxiety, back or muscle pain, depression and stress, you should never use it as your bed during camping.

Just in case you fall asleep easily, you may put some energy into blowing up the pool float and sleep over it near your campsite. To protect yourself from mosquitoes and bugs, you may cover your body and sleep through the night. The idea won’t work well if you are planning to camp in an area where the temperature gets cold at night.

As we all know that temperature is normally warm and windy during the day in Florida, you may spend a good time near beaches soaking in the sunlight. On the contrary, the temperature gets a bit colder at night,you cannot sleep easily just on your pool float. Therefore, a thermal sleeping pad would be your best option. You can afford it too.

Pool float is usually made of plastic or vinyl on the exterior as it is designed for byanouncy in water. When you use it on the floor it may not be that comfortable for you to even lay on. It will cause noises on the floor as you change positions during sleep and it squeaks a lot.

If you camp closer to your vehicle, you may find it very difficult to use your pool float on the ground. You will not feel comfortable because it can put stress on your backbone. Moreover, it may not be a good sleeping option for you to use for the night against the cold ground.

Downtimes of using pool float as beds:

Unless you have run out of all the options you should refrain from using pool flat as your camping bed. Let’s dig into some of the crucial points that have made us come to the conclusion.

Not flat:

After hiking throughout the day, your body needs some time to recover itself. Pool float is never flat because it is not built for the ground. You may use a mattress or pad over it, however, the chances are it will still be a bit curvy in the middle. When you lay down on the float your back does not feel straight and you may also feel pressure on your body.Instead of feeling more relaxed you may end up waking up tired and exhausted in the morning.

Inflating the pool:

Of course you cannot wander around the forest or camp site with a heavy air pumping machine all the time. Your pool float may need to be inflated once the air is compressed out of it after a prolonged use. It becomes deflated after a certain time period.

Suppose you are in the middle of your camping excursion and it’s time for you to catch your sleep and the pool float is deflated. What else will you do? Will you be in a good state physically to spend time in inflating the pool again, no, right? It will take so much time and energy.

Squeaky sound:

Pool float can never be a good bed during camping because it rubs against the floor and surfaces. Even if you move your fingers on it, you can hear a sound from it. The float is very noisy and squeaky; it is not made for sleep so you should rather get yourself a comfy sleeping pad instead that falls into your budget.

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