Chlorine floater in hot tub

Can you use a chlorine floater in a hot tub?

Hot tubs always need to be Sanitized before you use them in order to ensure that the hot tub is safe to get in. It is very important to keep your hot tub safe from bacteria. Therefore weekly cleaning of the tub is extremely important as well as necessary for your own safety. You should clean the filters so that the dirt and oil will not get clogged in them. This will help to maintain a crystal-clean environment clean and natural.

There are a number of things that you do to keep your hot tub clean. Chlorine and bromine are two basic ingredients that are used to clean hot tubs. Chlorine is available in different forms. Let’s see how we can use it in the hot tub to keep it clean and what are the pros and cons of using chlorine in the hot tub for sanitizing it.

Chlorine is used in two forms to sanitize the tubs. Chlorine granules, chlorine tablets in a Chlorine floater.

Chlorine granules:

As granules are smaller in size so they rapidly dissolve in water and are a very popular way of sanitizing the hot tub. They are flexible to use. They generally have a pH that lies between 6-7 which is almost very close to the pH of normal water or the water that has been recommended by the pool keepers. If you are using chlorine granules then the ideal amount is 4-5 mg per liter. It will evenly dissolve in water.

Chlorine tablets in chlorine floater :

In order to maintain chlorine levels in the hot tub chlorine tablets are placed inside the chlorine floater and are floated in the pool. Chlorine floaters are the easiest way of disinfecting a hot tub. All you need to do is to place 3 tablets of chlorine in 5000 gallons of pool water. The baffle that is located at the bottom of the floater should be opened properly for more dissolution rate of chlorine in less time. So, it can be concluded here that you can use chlorine floaters in hot tubs but you need to be careful about a few things. 

1: Always remove the floater before using the hot tub at least 10-15 minutes before you use it. 

2: Place the floater on a non-bleachable surface. 

3: Remember that it should not come in contact with the hot tub itself because it can stain both the vinyl as well as the plaster tubs. You can place it in a skimmer basket to avoid any inconvenience. 


Chlorine is the cheapest disinfectant. 

It is a good oxidizer that breaks down organic waste and keeps the water clean. 


Chlorine cannot be used in water when the pH of water is higher than 7. 

Chlorine has a very strong pungent smell, and people find it irritating in their skin therefore it should be handled very carefully. 

A chlorine floater is, therefore, a very effective way to clean hot tubs and it is easily available everywhere.

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