Pool floats with a special hole for boobs

Pool floats with a special hole for boobs that helps easily lie on stomach

Summer time is just around the corner and with this season we all will plan vacations and trips. The virus has constrained many people within their homes but this does not stop families from throwing a few pool side parties. If you have a pool in your home, you can definitely make the best of summer time, reading a book from your favorite author, basking the sunlight to make vitamin D in your body and relaxing your muscles that are sore from the callousness of time, cold and hard work.

When it comes to pool floats, they are just the same design and structure wise regardless of who will use them for their swimming or water sports activities. However, now there are a few companies who are making gender oriented pool floaties considering that bodies of females are way too different than that of the men. And definitely ladies wish and desire to have more comfort while lying on their floatie because they have bust and boobs.

Pool floats with a hole for boobs

Keeping into consideration the needs, requirements and comfort of women, some companies are now making high-quality pool floats with a special hole for boobs that help women easily on stomach while they are engaged doing their poolside activities whether it be reading a book, floating in the water for a nice body tan or relaxing a bit after hectic household chores.

Let’s talk about the generic yet very impressive features of these new floaties, I would consider them fun ladies floaties because they are so cool.

Feminine design:

The first feature is design; the color is aesthetically very femine as it is delicate in essence. All ladies love pink color most among other colors because it has more girly vibes attached to it.

The white stripes on pink color are giving this floatie an edgy look, you can take it to the beach or pool with confidence to call it your own. It is girly, durable, comfortable and more importantly unique for featuring an opening for your tender boobs.

Lounge comfortably:

Whether you wish to lie down on the floatie to soak the sunlight on a warm day or desire to float for an hour in the serene and calming water of swimming pool, you won’t feel discomfortable at all.You won’t have to toss and turn to adjust yourself to a desired comfort level. This is what this feminine pool float with a hole for boobs was designed for- make you feel comfy for your pool time sports and activities.

Just lie down on your stomach without losing as if your boobs are being squashed on a flat surface, they now have a place where they can rest comfortably while you float in water.

No Burden on body:

The opening for the boobs is located at the right side of the floatie, you will not feel like you need to balance yourself at any point. Just lie down on it and adjust your boobs to rest in the opening without getting squished and overburdened with the weight of your body.
Hit the beach now even if you are a full size woman with a bulky body, massive thighs and huge breasts. Lying on a traditional pool float could be cumbersome for those women who have accumulated extra weight due to bodybuilding, pregnancy and other health reasons. There’s nothing wrong in being obese, you can just ride the float like others do but this time you have a place to balance up your weight by putting your boobs in a resting place.

Why should you buy this pool float with a special hole for boobs?

I would say that this floatie with an opening for boobs is a timeless invention itself because the company took a real time in designing a float that’s only good for women. The industry is taking their services to the next level by making gender targeted items which is a positive change itself.

There are several reasons that you must consider buying this hot pink rectangular shaped floatie to the regular float.

  • The first reason is that you can flip over onto your stomach easily without shifting the burden of body weight on your breasts. If you have been into swimming pool activities for a long time you already have an idea how lying on your stomach in a summer afternoon can cause extra pressure on your breasts, causing them to squish onto the float.
  • It does not matter what the quality of the foam float is, if it is flat with a regular design and feature you will just need additional effort to balance your body weight on it and this alone could lead to a massive amount of stress. At one point you just have to get up and leave the pool because you cannot tolerate the pressure followed by lying down on your stomach.
  • Even if you spend a lot of time in water doing what you usually do in your pool, you will never feel exhausted or tired. The opening in the design of the floatie will help you maintain the correct posture even when you are lying on your stomach and that too without putting a lot of pressure on your backbone. At the end of the day you will just come out fresh without sore muscles and aching body. On top of that spending time in the pool would be more much fun than it already has been for you.


The pool float with a special hole for boobs is just a brain-storming invention because it is going to help all those women who love sunbathing and swimming but need added comfort to spend more time in the water. This floatie is a new excuse for them to have fun with water sports and activities without putting strain on their breasts, backbone and any part of the body. Just one marvelous opening will allow women to balance their body weight over the water without feeling paranoid.

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