Best Emoji Pool Floats to Make Floating Fun

Best Emoji Pool Floats to Make Floating Fun

Summers call for a pool party more than any other season. These pool parties become successful if you have all the right elements. You will not only need people to rock your pool party but also drinks to cool off the summer heat burst instantly. Moreover, you need party games, and most importantly, some pool floats to relax in. These pool floats first came into existence back in 2010, and since then, they have been everyone’s favorite.

These pool inflatables are highly famous among teenagers, and there isn’t a doubt as to why they’re this favorite. You just put these floats in your pool and enjoy the best of your time soaking up the sun. Now, as texting has improved with emojis, people love to use it more than ever. They are available in every form ranging from food items, animals, plants, characters, or even feelings.

In this article, we’re listing some of the most remarkable emoji replication of pool floats.

Best Emoji Pool Floats 

There are many different types of pool float, but nowadays, emoji ones are highly favorable. If you want to beat the heat this summer, then take a look at our best emoji pool floats.

Frosted Donut

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? If you are a fan of this delicious treat, you must try out this great strawberry and a chocolate-coated donut. It is very comfortable to lean in and gives you the best time to relax on a hot summer day. This frosted donut pool float was among the first emoji pool floats designed for a test run. Around 65% of people buy this as their first pool floaties to give a trendy look to your pool party. The PVC tube donuts look somewhat realistic with their style, design and tiny colorful sprinkles. If you swim with your kids in the pool and give them a lesson every day, grab their attraction by using these frosted donut pool floats.

The Flamingo

Among all animal emojis, the flamingo is the most famous after the “Three wise monkeys.” Flamingo is one of the most beautiful birds, usually pink or white in color, has a long beak with thin, straight, and long legs. The most interesting thing about it is that these birds can fly as well. This inflatable is also popular among the girls, and you must have seen it on magazines, TV, particularly all-around social media.

Giant Unicorn

One of the most stylish pieces among this list of best emoji pool floats is the giant unicorn. The word giant completely satisfy its property as it is enormous in shape compared to a kid’s unicorn floatie. At its full capacity, it is around 114 x 55 x 47 inches. It can carry out more than 400 pounds of weight i.e., supporting two people at the same time. The material is quite comfortable as it is soft yet. Its material quality makes it durable, brushing it off with a matte finish. Moreover, you can blow this faster than any other float because of its fast valves. Just use a hairdryer or just your usual air pump, and you’ll get relaxing entertainment for several hours.

Not only that, but this amazing pool float has a designated space for holding your cups and drinks. Some of them have additional compartments for holding ice too. Its cheap yet classy design makes it one of the best floaties.


Avocado has gained its popularity almost recently, as it wasn’t even a thing a few years back. If you like avocado in all forms, from toasts to guac, in your mornings and for your snack, then you must get this amazing avocado pool float. These floats are available as a straight lounger and also with a giant pit to play it as a beach ball. This pit is completely removable and attachable, and this is easy to blow; you can lift it up just with a hairdryer. The avocado design is a great float for an average-sized individual, it adds a fun touch to the pool parties during summer. A repair patch has been included in the package for you to use.


Pizza is everyone’s go-to food. Not only in Italy, but this cuisine is also known for its fame and its unique style all over the world. If the goal of your life is to eat pizza, sleep and repeat, then this pizza pool float is just the right one for you. This extravagant float gives your summer a whole new mood, giving an entire boost of refreshment. Surprisingly the slices link together for creating a realistic-looking pizza, if you love eating out a pepperoni pizza or any sort of pizza with your favorite topping, this float is just the right buy for summer. You will love dozing off on this float under the pleasant beams of sunlight to get vitamin D in your bones.


Watermelon is the ultimate element of summer and you can’t call it a summer holiday if you can’t refresh it with watermelon’s fresh taste. The watermelon pool float is the best way to cool down the scorching sun. A slice of watermelon can give you a total summer fresh vibe. So, if you’re aiming to make your party lit, then grab this watermelon pool float for ultimate freshness. This float is 60 inch in diameter, giving ample space for you to lounge over the float with a glass of juice in hand, under the sun. Soak as much sunlight your heart desires this summer on this summer-related watermelon water float.


Pretzel is also an essential element of every American snack. This sweet treat can give you a hand whether you’re on a subway or in a movie theatre. If you love pretzels and want to give your pool a trendy look, then try out this pretzel pool float. This float is spacious, where almost two to three people can easily find their place to float in. Not only that, but it also has additional spaces to hold your glasses or cups on a bright sunny day.


Thinking about lollipop rapidly takes to our childhood from high rides of strawberries to deep dive of orange. We have not only tried every flavor but also made a decent amount of memory with it. If you love being around with colors or know someone who does, then this colorful float is great for you and your loved one. Its portability makes it one of the ideal floats with different colors to treat you fine in the bright heated sun.

Cool emoji

Emojis are our personal favorite as they never fail to represent your mood and play a huge role in lifting it up. In this social media world, everyone knows and adores these good old yellow faces. If you want to be known as the cool one in your party, then beat the heat with this cool emoji better than ever. It can be very helpful if it’s your first time going to a pool party or going on a vacation with your loved one.

Cactus Ring Toss

If you have run out of your games to play in the pool and you have played them all, including frisbee, beach ball, etc. Then we introduce you to a new game known as the ring toss in the pool. This cactus float is specially designed to fulfill not only your float needs but also for playing ring toss with these inflatable cactus. You may not love cactus, but you can’t hate the cactus ring toss now!

Summing up

You can not simply deny that these innovative pool floats are the best way to enjoy any of your parties or holiday feast. These aren’t restricted to use in pools, but you can also vibe with them on the sea or even lake. You can easily grab these almost anywhere, particularly from Amazon, so that your product is guaranteed to be safe and working.

Portability and durability are the keys to these pool floats. You don’t want to invest your money in this float for seeing it dead the second day. These should last at least your entire summer, and for that, you have to look for solid material. Now, in terms of portability, they go way beyond as they can easily fit even in a tiny bag and can travel with it to your next vacation spot or at any party. So, if you’re thinking of going on a beach trip or organizing a pool party, then this pool float can double its theme.

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