are baby pool floats safe

Are baby pool floats safe? And the safety tips

Before we answer this question, let us understand what exactly are pool floats and how do they work, and most of all, what purpose do they serve? Pool floats, in simpler terms, are floating devices that are designed to help toddlers or beginners who are starting to learn to swim. When it comes to swimming pool essentials, pool floats are an important element. What adds to its resourcefulness is the fact that this pool floats more than often serves them a dual purpose. Not only do they make swimming fun for you, but they also act as a potential lifesaver. Aside from this, they can be easily inflated and deflated, which makes them portable and can be easily carried around. Also, they are highly durable and long-lasting, given the fact most of them are made of vinyl.

These floating devices are usually available in many shapes and sizes which aid the learners with buoyancy. The most popular pool floats among the children are inflatable rings and inflatable armbands. They are great when it comes to utility since they can be easily inflated and deflated. They provide phenomenal buoyancy, the reason being they are usually less dense than water as they are composed of air surrounded by a layer of thin synthetic material However, the material still has to be assessed before you purchase it. For instance, if you are living in an area with the weather too hot or too cold in a few months, you need to pick the material that can stand a certain temperature level.

There is no denying the fact that the best way for a child or toddler to get familiar with water is pool floaties. They are readily available in the market, which makes them an easy way to make your child learn swimming. But the real question is, are pool floats safe? Well, they might be but please make sure that you do not rely on pool floaties or swimming aids to keep your child safe. The reason being children always require supervision by an adult when they are using these aids as they do prevent a child from drowning. Many parents see pool floats as a device to keep their kids safe and protected when in the pool. But, according to pool safety experts, the concept of security associated with pool floats is a false one. For any parent, or guardian for that matter choosing to use pool floats for their kids, especially unsupervised, one should always keep in mind that a disaster can occur in a moment of seconds.

Also, it is true to some extent that water wings or pool floats assist new summers when it comes to learning swimming with confidence, but one should also keep in mind that they can also obstruct a child’s swimming development. This is because these water wings condition kids to float in a vertical direction due to the reason that they balance their bodies with the help of their arms. Therefore making sure your kids avoid being dependent on water wings, or else they will get used to arm only floating. Also, these pool floats not only help promote ineffective vertical positioning in the water but also at the same time make it difficult for a kid to move around the pool. Also, it has been observed that those animal-shaped colorful toys are more prone to deflation and there are more chances of them being tipped over. Even the company that manufactures these products classify these products as toys, not life jackets. Still, too many parents fail to read the warning labels in their rush to enjoy pool time with family that they assume that because the toys can float and are designed in a way that fits a small child’s body, they can be used as life preservers. Once you leave a child strapped in these toys unsupervised, all it takes for a disaster to happen in a minute. Time and again, incidents are being reported of a toddler being inverted upside down in a pool due to pool floats flipping. Such incidents are horrific in themselves as these incidents often result in children suffering from serious brain injuries, or in some severe cases, even deaths. Following are some of the things you must remember every time you buy or use pool floaties or swimming aid.

  • Always make sure that the pool float or swimming aid fits your child properly and fastens securely. Because, if it does not fits properly, there is a high chance that your child may slip out of it, which may result in severe consequences
  • Make sure you read the descriptions written in the box. Also, make sure that the swimming aid you buy is of the exact age and weight of the child for which the product is recommended for.
  • Carefully read the instructions which come with the product description. Make sure you completely understand assembly instructions, instructions for usage, and make sure you completely follow them.
  • Before you buy a pool float or any swimming aid for that matter, make sure that the product you are buying doesn’t accidentally let your child slip, or fall in the outward direction.
  • Always check and make sure that there aren’t any broken parts, worn parts, or any leaks before you let your children swim in it. If your swimming aid is old enough, you must replace it.
  • Do not use any product which enjoys a bad reputation in the marketAlways make sure that your children are never left unattended and are always supervised and are easily approachable, in case of any emergency.
  • Once you are done with floaties and other swimming aid, make sure you deflate them, so that kids may not use them on their own.
  • Always make sure that the pool float you intend to buy enjoys a positive reputation in the market, be it online or offline. This can be identified easily by reading existing reviews present online.
  • If it comes with a detachable adjustable canopy, it is a plus.
  • Try to find an inflatable one. This is because they are easier to inflate and deflate, which will make it easier for you to carry around.

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